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Laado 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Amma checking the utensil. Saroja asks what she is doing. Amma ji says she is trying to find the solution. Anu is going to hospital and tells Amma ji that Yuvraj is there because of me. Amma ji says when you have made up your mind then what to do? Anu says you have forgotten that I am a qualified lawyer and don’t reach conclusions without checking the facts. She goes.
Saroja asks Amma ji why didn’t she stop her. Amma ji says the matter is slipped from her hand. She says she has to know her heart and says our problem is Yuvraj. When we know the problem it is easy to find solution.

Yuvraj thinks about Anu and recalls her words. Balwant comes there with bouquets. Yuvraj says it is not needed. Balwant asks ward boys to renovate the room and gives him photoframe of Yuvraj with Rantej, Ranveer and other son saying he brought it so that he don’t miss home. (actually he wants to trap him and make him guilty in Anushka’s eyes). Yuvraj says I will come home soon. Balwant says I can’t see you in this condition and says he will not leave the man who is behind this accident. Yuvraj says accident happened because of my hurry. Balwant asks if his accident happened because of Anushka. Yuvraj thinks about Anu’s words and says may be. He says he is not thinking about it. Balwant gets happy and goes.

Amma ji asks Jaydev to start the work. Jaydev asks her to think again. Amma ji says she will repair him first. Jaydev agrees to do as she says. Doctor helps Yuvraj to walk and asks him not to use his hand much. He goes. Yuvraj tries to open his shirt button. Anu comes there and opens his shirt button. Seene me tu rehna laga plays…She asks didn’t you hear what doctor said. Yuvraj says did you forget whatever you told me. Anu says sorry and says Dadi was worried for her. Yuvraj asks her not to give excuses and shield her Dadi. She says I can’t blame your Dadi as she don’t know me, but you would have asked yourself before accusing me. He says trust can’t be bought in the market, but have to be earned.

Anushka apologizes and asks for a chance. She says I don’t want to lose a good friend because of my mistake. Yuvraj says please Anu. Photo frame falls down. Anu couldn’t see it. Song plays..teri ore…Her hairs get stuck in his shirt. He helps her free her hairs. Song plays..they look at each other. She is about to pick the photo frame. Yuvraj stops her and says you have accused me and can accused my family too. Anu says I know you belongs to a good family.

She says I will come again and will not leave him until he forgives her. Yuvraj asks why? Anu says because I….Teri Ore song plays…She says I know you well, you are a good human and friendship is earned and not bought. She sits in cab and tells the address. She finds his shirt button in her hairs stuck. Driver says your destiny is good as you got down the bus before bomb blasts. Anu asks how did you know about the accident. Driver makes her smell chloroform and calls Yuvraj, says your work is done. Yuvraj says I will come there. Anu wakes up somewhere and is tied.

Anu says I know you are Rantej’s goons and says you can’t save them, case is filed. Goon slaps her. Anu tells him that her friend will come there and save her. Goon asks her to tell his name. Anu says Yuvraj. Anu says everyone gets silent hearing him. Goon says she is thinking thief as…Anu is shocked.

Yuvraj is on the way. Anu says this can’t happen and asks them to say it is a lie. Goon says it would have been good if you had died in bomb blast. They tie her mouth. Yuvraj reaches there. Anu looks at his shirt button and recalls her words. She thinks Dadi was right and thinks him wrong. She cries. Goons come to Amma ji and Jaydev and says now she got sure that Yuvraj kidnapped her.


Laado 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Komal informs Yuvraj that Anu is kidnapped. Goon is about to slap her, but stops. Yuvraj comes and frees her. Anu accuses him.

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