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Laado 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update

Malhari Traps Anushka And Makes Villagers Against Her


Laado 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 21st March 2018 Episode Start With Yashoda telling Anushka about Baba’s threat and tells that she came to get salt from her. Anushka says she knows that Malhari would do something. A villager tells that we shouldn’t have called baba ji here. Malhari says atleast Villagers will be peaceful with his stay. Yashoda cries and asks to save her husband. Malhari smirks and sees her husband spitting blood.

Yashoda asks them to save her husband. He gives him medicine kept in water. Yashoda’s husband gets fine. Yashoda thanks Baba. Baba says Chudail has eyed your house and asks did you get something from someone. Yashoda says she got it from Anushka’s house.

Baba tells that Anushka is a chudail and have done black magic on everyone’s husbands. Anu says she has not done anything. Yashoda asks Anu to leave her.Yashoda blames her. Anushka says this baba wants to break us unity. Woman blames Anushka. Man blames Anushka. Baba says I can prove that you are chudail by stepping in the house. They all go to her house.

Anushka asks them to search her house. Yuvraj comes and says he is her husband. Malhari asks him not to get angry and says let villagers clear their misunderstanding and says they think her chudail. Yuvraj says it is a superstition. Malhari says Baba will do havan for 12 hours and then truth will come out. Yuvraj gives 12 hours time. They leave.

Yuvraj looks at Anu. Baba does havan in Malhari’s house. Malhari eyes the traditional sand clock. She says we will get back everything which you have snatched from us. He does Puja. Anushka is deeply hurt by Yashoda’s words. Yuvraj comes to her. Anu asks why did you come here. Yuvraj says I will go to hell also with this chudail. He says things will keep changing. Anu says not for everyone.

Yuvraj says villagers are not like city people. Anu blames Malhari. Yuvraj says you are doubting her unnecessarily. Anu asks if she needs to prove. Yuvraj says Malhari kicked Rantej out and says if she is involved then he will not leave her. He says everything will be solved if you are with me. Anu’s heart melts for him, but she goes.

Malhari gives jewellery to Anu’s gang women and says this is all yours and asks them to leave Anushka’s blanket gang. Anushka’s blanket woman asks Malhari to handle Yuvraj first. Malhari says she will kill him and will not let any mistake happen.

Jhunki comes to Anushka. Anu asks her to tell that nobody came from their blanket gang. Jhunki says they will not leave. Anu recalls their promise. Jhunki says we have to change their thinking, but we have less time. She asks her to leave from Veerpur. Anu refuses to go and says if she don’t then nobody will save Veerpur. Jhunki says what you will do. Anu says she has a way.


Laado 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Anu gets locket and says it is not mine. Baba tells villagers that Anushka is chudail. They throw stone on her.

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