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Laado 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Amma Ji Reveals Her Kidnapping Plan, Anu Gets Shocked


Laado 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Goons telling Amma ji that Anu got sure that Yuvraj kidnapped her. Amma ji who slapped her. Goon says I? Amma ji slaps him. Jaydev asks them to be more careful. Amma ji hurts her hand as Anu is hurt. Yuvraj comes to goon and takes pistol. Malhari slaps Meera for having food when Rantej is in jail. Komal says she will take his tiffin. Malhari says Inspector himself will serve him. She scolds Meera. Meera asks Komal to make sure anu stays far Yuvraj and this house. Amma ji and Jaydev are going back when they see the hurdle on the way.

Jaydev says he can’t lift it. Yuvraj comes there holding pistol. Amma ji asks if he wants to threaten them. Yuvraj asks her not to come inbetween Anushka and him, and says if you interfere then you will lose Anuska. Jaydev asks him to talk with manners and says he is silent as tree is stopping them. Yuvraj moves the tree surprising and asks her not to interfere between them. Amma ji tells Jaydev that Yuvraj’s intention is wrong and tells that he will never get her daughter. Anu tells goons to tell Yuvraj that he has hurt her. They tie her hand and put cloth in her mouth.

Yuvraj comes back home and asks Balwant where are his brothers. Balwant says they are in farm house. Yuvraj says now. Balwant asks don’t you trust me. Yuvraj says I trust you fully. Balwant and Malhari smiles.

Anu frees her hands and elopes. The goons calls Amma ji and inform her. Amma ji asks them to catch her. Anu runs on road and collides with the car. Komal comes out of car. Anu tells her that she was kidnapped by Yuvraj and have done big mistake by trusting him. Goons come there and ask Anu to come with them if she wants Komal to be safe. They take anu with them. Meera asks Yuvraj to have khichdi. Yuvraj asks her about his cousins. Komal goes home and informs Yuvraj about Anu’s kidnap. She takes him to the place where she found her. Yuvraj comes to Anu and frees her hand. Amma ji beats the goons who raised hand on Anu. Anu asks Yuvraj why is he doing drama to save her. Anu sees Amma ji fighting with the goons. Amma ji asks them how dare they raise hand on Anu. Yuvraj asks Anu, if she really thinks he has kidnapped her. Anu tries to free herself. Amma ji comes inside and looks for Anu. She calls the goons and says she did all the kidnapping drama so that Anu misunderstands Yuvraj and blames him. Anu hears this and gets shocked.


Laado 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anu thinks she won’t let Amma ji separate them. Jaydev informs Amma ji that Yuvraj is nephew of Balwant Chaudhary. Amma ji is shocked.

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