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Laado 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update

Malhari Reveals Her Crimes


Laado 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 22nd March 2018 Episode Start With Anushka checking her cupboard. She gets a locket and tells someone that this locket isn’t hers, Malhari is doing this. The girl says no one will believe you. Anushka says Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj recalls Malhari’s words. Malhari asks Komal to be careful while she walks downstairs. Komal gets dizzy. She falls down the stairs and gets hurt. Malhari smiles. Yuvraaj comes home and gets shocked seeing Komal. Malhari asks someone to save Komal.

She says Komal got much hurt, have these car keys, take her to hospital. He leaves. Malhari smiles and thinks I have sent Yuvraaj away, now its Anushka’s turn. The tantric does puja. Anushka comes and asks him to stop the drama. She shows the locket and asks the people to see how tantric framed her. The man asks her to be quiet and not create a hurdle in the puja. Anushka runs to tell Yuvraaj. She calls him out. Malhari says Yuvraaj isn’t at home.

Anushka says your truth will come out, I will tell your new game to Yuvraaj. Malhari says there is no one at home except us, I m not deaf, Yuvraaj is in hospital. Anushka worries. Malhari says don’t worry, he took Komal there, I have poured oil on the stairs, Komal fell down the stairs, I did this. She smiles and says Yuvraaj heard me shouting and got worried for Komal, he got trapped, what shall I do. She says you know everyone thinks your Dadi shot Balwant and then Yuvraaj stabbed her with a knife, but he didn’t know the truth, the truth is I have got Balwant killed, Rantej killed Balwant. Anushka gets shocked. She drops the locket. Malhari says I have played this drama, I have bought all your gang’s women by giving them fake jewelry, you thought few women can ruin my reign, no way, even my sons can’t do this, its time for your destruction.

Tantric says havan got completed, we have to check all trees now and then find the Daayan. Malhari says when you are proved a Chudail, the people will hit stones at you and throw you out of Veerpur. Anushka says no, this is wrong, I won’t let you win. Malhari laughs. Anushka runs out of the haveli. Tantric checks trees to find Chudail. Anushka runs to get some help. Even her gang’s women catch her. Anushka reminds their vows. The women refuse to let her go. Anushka says I can make a way for myself. She gets a stick and asks them not to come close. She hits on their heads and faints them.

She thinks of her group and cries. Tantric says we didn’t get Chudail anywhere, just one house is left now. Anushka comes and asks tantric to stop. He cuts a tree. Malhari comes there. Tantric says my doubt was right, she is the Chudail. Anushka says don’t believe him, this is Malhari’s plan, this tantric is fake, my aim is to prosper this village. Malhari acts. A lady asks tantric to find his granddaughter. Tantric says she is caught up by the Chudail. He enters the house. Women catch Anushka. Tantric gets the girl out. They get shocked.

Anushka asks how can you do this and holds Malhari’s neck. She asks how can you take a kid’s life. Malhari says stop her before she kills everyone. Everyone picks stones to hit at Anushka. Anushka says I m not any Chudail. Rantej and Ranbir come there and smile seeing this. People hit Anushka with the stones. Anushka runs away. Malhari says kill her before she ruins the village. People run after Anushka.


Laado 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Anushka runs. People throw stones at her. Yuvraaj calls her out and runs to her. He gets shot and falls in her lap. She shouts Yuvraaj.

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