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Laado 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Yuvraj Exposes Amma Ji, Anu Proposes Him


Laado 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 25th December 2017 Episode Start With Amma ji telling goons that it seems you don’t know me. Goon says we know you are Amma ji, who were terror of Veerpur once. Amma ji says then also you did a mistake. She says Amma ji don’t forgive and shoots bullet on one of his goon leg. Anu is about to shout. Amma ji asks them to go and search Anu, and don’t return empty handed.

Goons go from there. Amma ji checks in the garage and sees nobody. She goes. Yuvraj and Anu comes out from hiding. She touches goon’s blood and gets shocked. Yuvraj takes Anu out. Komal is waiting on road with the car. After driving the car to some distance, Anu asks Yuvraj to stop the car. He gives her water. Anu asks why did they call her Amma ji. Yuvraj asks her to sit and take her somewhere. She says where did you bring me, I am feeling suffocated.

Yuvraj says think about those people who were suffocated.

He takes out the file and reads that many girls were killed by immersing in hot milk. Anu asks why you are telling me. Anu says Amma ji was the one who was behind the crimes, which made Veerpur, male dominated village. Anu is shocked. Amma ji tells Saroja that Yuvraj threatened to expose her. Yuvraj reads the case files. Anu asks him to stop it and says I can’t hear anymore. Anu cries. Yuvraj says I couldn’t tell you this before seeing your love and care for your Dadi. Anu hugs him and cries.

Amma ji says I can’t bear to see him taking my Anu. Saroja asks if he is a good guy then, and says they shall wait until Jaydev enquires about him. Jaydev returns home and tells Amma ji that Yuvraj Chaudhary is Balwant Chaudhary’s nephew. Amma ji says Rantej’s brother who snatched my Janvi. Yuvraj tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. Komal asks him not to interfere and says your dadi can take his life. She asks him to come. Anu says she is right and assures Komal that she won’t let anything happen to Yuvraj. She holds his hand and confesses love. Yuvraj says I want to say you something and says whenever she is with him, he feels like his life is with him. Anu hugs him. Yuvraj smiles. Teri Ore plays…

Next morning, Amma ji enquires with the neighbors about Anu. Jhunki says someone saw Anu going with Yuvraj to temple. Anu tells him that she will marry him and says your wife will be your safety shield. Yuvraj looks on.


Laado 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yuvraj and Anu gets married in temple. Amma ji comes there overcoming the hurdles.

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