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Laado 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anu Marries Yuvraj Against Amma Ji’s Wish


Laado 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 26th December 2017 Episode Start With Komal telling that she will call pandit. Yuvraj asks Anu to rethink and says he can wait. Anu says we have to take the right decision at right time. They sit for marriage. Pandit ji does their tilak. Amma ji is coming there with some neighbors. She slips and falls down. She gets injury on her forehead. Saroja says blood is coming out. Amma ji says when Janvi’s life was in danger, I couldn’t go inside the temple, now I will reach the temple anyhow.

Anu recalls Janvi singing happily thinking about her marriage. Amma ji says she will make the marriage grand. Anu recalls Janvi and Amma ji’s plan for a grand wedding. She gets teary eyed. Yuvraj pacifies her. Anu makes him wear garland. Yuvraj also makes her wear garland. Teri ore plays….Amma ji says I won’t let Anushka gofar from me. Pandit ji asks Komal to give sindoor to Yuvraj. Yuvraj fills Anu’s maang with sindoor. Amma ji is still coming there. Yuvraj ties mangalsutra around her neck. Teri ore plays….Pandit asks Komal to do the ghat bandhan. Komal ties the ghat bandhan. Amma ji feels pain and says she is feeling suffocated. She hopes Anu don’t marry him. Pandit asks them to stand for rounds. They take rounds.

Pandit ji explains the vows. Amma ji and others reach the temple and she shouts asking Anu to stop. Anu asks Pandit ji to read the mantras. Amma ji aims gun at Yuvraj. Anu comes infront of him. They take the last round. Pandit declares them husband and wife. Amma ji asks Anu to break the ghatbandhan and says this is not marriage, but a curse. Anu says I came to know about your truth and asks her not to teach her right or wrong. She says I came to know that you are Amma ji who killed many girls and because of you, the Veerpur was terror. Amma ji says that amma ji died when they were born and was doing penance all these years. Anu asks then why did you get me kidnapped and shot your own goon. She calls her Amma ji. Amma ji is about to tell her truth about Yuvraj being Rantej’s cousin, but Anu doesn’t listen to her and says it was good that Janvi left.

Anu walks out of temple with Yuvraj. Amma ji and Saroja cries. Saroja asks why you are crying, you have fought more big fights than this. Amma ji says today she has become lonely. Anu and Yuvraj are in the car. Yuvraj holds her hand and asks her not to think. Anu says she is not worried about marriage and says she is stressed because of Dadi. She says she can trust only him and says I doubted you because of her. She asks him not to leave her. Yuvraj wipes her tears and says your trust can’t separate us, you didn’t know you have done a big favor on me by marrying me. Komal says everyone must be waiting to see you. Yuvraj says this news must have reached them. Anu says sorry. Komal says they will have jashn. Yuvraj brings anu to Balwant’s haveli. He says you are welcomed here. Anu asks if this is your house? He says no, yours.


Laado 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amma ji tells Jhunki that Anu must have gone to Balwant’s house. Meera covers Anu’s head with dupatta. Malhari gets aarti thaali and blows off the diya. Anu is shocked.

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