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Laado 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Yuvraj Takes Revenge On Anu For His Parents’ Death


Laado 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Amma ji reminiscing Anushka seeing her things. She says when I have kept her things safely, I will forgive her. She thinks Anu will run back to her if she comes to know about Yuvraj’s truth. Meera comes out. Anu says I didn’t know you all have made arrangements so soon. Meera says it is their house custom to welcome the new bride and covers her head with Pallu. Malhari says Yuvraj brought sushil bahu and takes the thaali.

She sets off the diya and does her aarti evilly. Anu is shocked and tells Meera that diya is off. Malhari lifts her veil and asks what wrong will happen if diya is set off. She asks Anu to kick kalash and enters the house. Anu kicks the kalash and sees empty pot. She turns to Yuvraj, but he is already gone. Malhari asks her to come. Anu says rice is not in the kalash. Komal asks her not to feel bad. Meera brings the thaali of gulaal. Meera keeps on her way. Anu steps inside and steps her foot on the thaal, she feels pain. Malhari asks what happened? Anu says there is glass pieces in it. Dushyant calls Yuvraj and says he will call doctor. Anu walks towards Yuvraj and says glass piece pierced into her foot. Yuvraj looks at her and says it is a ritual. He takes her to room by walking. Komal and Meera are upset. Anu says her foot is paining and she can’t walk.

Yuvraj says your pain have just started and pushes her. He says you have entered my house. Anu is shocked and asks what is this. Balwant, Malhari and Dushyant laughs. Yuvraj says he is taking revenge for his parents’ death, and his just born sister’s death, making him live like an orphan. He tells her that amma ji had killed his parents brutually and says he will take revenge on her. Anu is shocked and says you helped me, now you wants to take revenge on me. Yuvraj says when he sees her with Amma ji, his only mission is to take revenge.

Anu asks don’t you love me ever. Yuvraj says there is no place for love in his heart as revenge is in his heart. He says if I want to defeat my enemy then I have to know her weakness, and says Amma ji weakness was you. He says you were her weakness and I controlled you. He says now Amma ji will feel the pain of losing someone. Anu says I saw love and care for me and says I can’t accept that you can hurt me. Yuvraj says it was a mission and asks her how was the trap. Balwant appreciates Yuvraj for his plan. Anu stares him. Balwant tells her that nothing is hidden from him and says Yuvraj is more than a son to him, and says if Yuvraj lost his parents then I have lost my brother and sister in law and says your dadi is responsible. Anu cries. Yuvraj takes the garland from her neck. He places garlands on his dead parents’ photo frames. Anu cries. Everyone go from there. Anu recalls Amma ji’s words and regrets her decision.


Laado 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Neighbor informs Amma ji that Balwant Chaudhary called everyone for his muh dikhayi. Meera takes glass pieces from Anu’s feet. Anu asks her about his parents’ death.

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