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Laado 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Amma ji asking Jhunki if she has forgiven her husband. Jhunki says yes. Amma ji asks her not to think her wrong and says she doesn’t know when will Anu forgive her. Jhunki says time heals everything and says her anger is gone with time. She says we get angry on the person we love. Amma ji says Anu reached Balwant’s house 4 hours ago and says she is losing her patience. Anu is still standing in hall and thinks of Yuvraj’s words. Yuvraj sees her standing and comes to her. He asks if she will stand all night and will take care of his dead parents. Anu says I really doesn’t know about your parents’ death. Yuvraj says time has come for revenge and says now her grand child will bear the pain which he has gone through. Malhari comes and says your bride is still standing here.

She asks Meera to take her and change her attire. Yuvraj says she is your saas, obey her and goes. Anu looks sadly.

Meera comes to Anu’s room and asks her to get ready angrily. She then thinks everyone must have heard her. She closes the door and takes glass pieces from her foot. Any asks how did Yuvraj’s parents die? Meera says it is a sad story. Anu says she wants to know why this is happening with her and why? Meera says Yuvraj was 7 years old when his sister was born and he was very much happy. A fb is shown, Yuvraj plays with his sister Pari. Meera says Yuvraj liked the name. That day, Balwant came running to them and tells that amma ji is coming there to take Pari. Amma ji comes there. Yuvraj’s father pleads infront of her to leave his daughter. Amma ji asks her goons to take the girl out. Yuvraj’s father asks her to leave his daughter. Amma ji kills his father, mother and takes Pari to kill her. Yuvraj sees the murder with his eyes. She asks the goons to bring milk. Meera says Amma ji put Pari in hot water and killed her. Yuvraj sees his dead parents and shouts Pari. Meera says that incident changed Yuvraj’s life.

Neighbor comes to Amma ji’s house and tells that Malhari called them for Anu’s muh dikhayi. Amma ji tells Saroja that she wants to go to Balwant’s haveli. Jaydev says he will take her. Balwant tells Malhari that he did right by leaving Amma ji that day. He says Yuvraj is burning in revenge fire. Malhari says she will take revenge on anu for sending Rantej to jail. Balwant says once Rantej comes out, he will take revenge on his own. Malhari laughs and says she will have her side of fun today on muh dikhayi.

The guests tell that it is like game of hide and seek. Balwant says it is good to change with time. Yuvraj calls Rantej and tells Balwant where is Rantej, Ranvir and Tej. Balwant says they might be busy and then says I can’t hide the truth from you.

He tells him that they are in lock up for Anu’s sister rape and murder case. He says Amma ji is behind this conspiracy. He says when you met with an accident. Anu gave proofs to Police. Yuvraj says may be Rantej have taken advantage of your love and raped Janvi. Balwant says they are innocent. Yuvraj says if you are saying they are innocent, then they must be innocent. He says why Anu will do this intentionally. Balwant says first she killed your parents and is now behind your brothers. Yuvraj plans revenge and says he will tell her at the right time.


Laado 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Yuvraj comes to room and tries to suffocate Anu with her necklace. Anu feels pain.

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