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Laado 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Anu Gets Tensed As Rantej Goes To Her New Home


Laado 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 28th March 2018 Episode Start With Dadi praying to God to make Laado meet Shaurya and says she is incomplete without him. She reminisces their childhood and recalls promising to get them married. She asks God to send Shaurya there and unite Juhi with him. Amrish hears them. Rantej’s men kidnap Jhunki. Jhunki is shocked to see Rantej. Rantej asks where you will go?

Neighbors congratulate Dadi and say you got your Juhi back. Dadi looks for Shaurya. Dharam comes home. Shagun introduces Juhi to him. Shagun asks Servant to give juice to Juhi. Amrish asks Dharam to do darshan of Devi Maa. Jhunki asks Rantej to let her go and says I haven’t done anything. Rantej says I will not kill you and asks him to do as he says. He says you have to tell Lawyer that you have seen Anushka dying with your eyes. Jhunki refuses to lie.

Rantej aims gun at her and asks her to lie.

Dharam tells Shagun that they are his good clients. Shagun says we are sophisticated unlike your other clients. Dharam says there is another family who is searching for a girl and says you are lucky as you got a girl resembling Juhi.

Amrish says they have kept her with hidden intentions. Shagun says they are tired of acting and be nice with her, says it is taking on her nerves. Amrish asks Dharam to get Juhi’s property transferred on their name soon. Rantej calls Dharam twice, but he rejects his calls. Dharam asks Shagun and Amrish to wait for sometime until the people accept her as Juhi. Jhunki escapes from goons clutches.

Bunty checks Shaurya. Rantej asks a man where is Dharam. Dharam says he is in Chandigarh. Rantej asks him to take him there. Dadi asks DJ to play the song, but he plays bhajan. Dadi asks him to play song and asks Anu to dance. Anu refuses. Dadi reminds her how she used to dance in childhood. Anu dances. Radha shyam plays….

She asks Dadi to have tablets and goes to bring it. She hears Rantej shouting for Dharam. Rantej asks him how dare you to reject my call. Dharam asks him to calm down and says this is not village, but Chandigarh. Rantej says witness escaped today because of you. Dharam says you don’t have rights to do drama in someone else’s house. Amrish asks Dharam to calm down and let Shagun handle him. Shagun says you are our guest and guest is like God and asks him to stay in keertan. She goes to call Anushka.


Laado 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shagun takes Anushka in hall. Anushka thinks truth will come out infront of Dadi now and gets tensed.

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