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Laado 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update


Laado 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 30th March 2018 Episode Start With  Shagun coming to anushka and thinks it is time to act again. Anushka tells her that she is Anushka and says she couldn’t bear when Shaurya held her hand and says it is the time to confess truth, she says she has to tell Shaurya that she is not his childhood friend. Shagun says when you have decided then it is waste to make you understand. Anushka asks her not to think her wrong and says I can’t forget and lower your favors.

She says I got a new life because of you all. She recalls Shagun and Amrish saving her when she fall down from the cliff. A fb is shown, Shagun brings her home after discharging from hospital. Kuldeep asks who is she? Shagun tells that they have rescued her after finding her heavily injured on the way. Dadi gets up and says Laado. She comes there and assumes Anushka to be Juhi.

Dadi prays to God to make Laado fine and asks Anu to have food. She feeds her food. After few days of care, Anushka gets well. Fb ends. Anushka says I am lucky to have a new birth and I don’t want my life to start with a lie. Shagun convinces her.

Fb starts, Shagun asks Servant to change Juhi’s bedsheet and clean her room. Anu says I want to tell you something and asks her to sit first. She says she is not their Juhi. Shagun says we all know except dadi. Anu says I will tell Dadi that I am Anushka, and not Juhi. She says I have to leave. Dadi hears her and gets attack, says she don’t want to live. Kuldeep asks what happened to Dadi and asks Anu, what did you say? He tells that Dadi’s life is you. Anushka makes excuses. Fb ends. Shagun tells Anu that they wish to see her happy, but if she tells Shaurya then very soon he will tell Dadi. Anu stops self from telling the truth.

Rantej beats a man and asks him to tell the truth. Man tells that he didn’t do anything. His wife tells that her husband is innocent. Rantej says you have laughed at me and hits him with a big stone.

Anu comes to hall and hopes that she takes the right decision. She prays to God. Shaurya comes and stands behind her, holds her hand as she is praying. Anu looks on. Music plays… Anu leaves his hand and tells that she has to go and gives medicine to Dadi. Rantej tells Malhari that he had killed Dino. Malhari is shocked. Rajjo says it is a small matter. Malhari says I am stressed as I thought Veerpur man laughed at him, but if others also laughed at him. She says they have to find and get a man with whom Veerpur will get afraid of. Rajjo asks what you are saying, you will give your son’s rights to others. Malhari says he got weak and it shall be handed to some strong hands. Rantej hears them.

Anu gives tablets to Dadi. Shaurya says first water shall be given and says it seems you have forgotten. Anu says habits changes with time, you haven’t changed just like Dadi. Dadi asks her to marry Shaurya and says she is very happy, says you are Ram and Sita of today’s world. Shaurya promises Dadi that he will not leave her hand till his last breath. Anushka looks on.


Laado 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaurya tries to make Anu recalls their childhood. Anu tears the newspaper in which Juhi and her pic is posted.

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