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Laado 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Amma Ji Challenges Balwant, Anu Meets Amma Ji


Laado 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 4th December 2017 Episode start With Balwant telling Amma ji that 20 years ago, Veerpur got freed from her terror and tells that during those days he used to feel jealous of her power and thought what is in her which he didn’t have, then one day you left and I sat on your chair and didn’t let that terror end and made it reach new heights. He asks why did you come here and asks if she don’t care about Veerpur. She says Dhoomal had said that you came for some girl who was killed by Veerpur goons. He looks at Janvi’s pic and says she was your grand daughter, and was quite beautiful, like rasgulla chasni and tells her name Janvi. Amma ji looks on angry. Dushyant and Balwant laughs.

Balwant asks are you surprised thinking how did I know? He says I know who had raped and killed her and asks her if she has strength then search and kill them. He says this is your karma, you had killed many girls by immersing them in milk and for what Janvi paid, you are a curse for Veerpur. He says what you sow is so you reap.

Amma ji speaks up now and says so much have changed in these 20 years and says she has returned as amrit for Veerpur. She says whatever I had sowed, will pulled it from the sand and tells that Janvi’s sacrifice will not go waste. She says you are bull of Veerpur and says God will decide about my destiny, but I will decide your destiny, either I will change it or smash it.

Balwant says I am scared and says your Veerpur is mine now, and I am more dangerous than you. He says he has bull sons and everything will happen which didn’t happen when you was there, and says those who helps you will have blood tears. Lets see who will cry and who will win. He comes out of the house. Ranveer asks Garibpur villagers to says Balwant Chaudhary ki Jai and bend down on their knees. Even Dhoomal bends down on his knees. Balwant asks the villagers not to have any relation with Amma ji and make her alone. Amma ji hears him. Balwant asks them to think that she is leprosy stricken woman. He says because of her, your destiny is in my hands now, and asks them to ban her. He says Garibpur is included in Veerpur now.

Yuvraj tells Anu that he enquired about the girl and her name was Revti. Anu says we shall go and talk to her, may be that girl can help us. They sit on the bike.

Balwant hugs Rantej and tells him that the girl Janvi whom they had raped was grand daughter of Amma ji. Rantej asks that Amma ji whose stories we had heard since childhood. Balwant says yes. Amma ji makes bomb. Saroja asks what is she doing? Amma ji tells that she is going. Saroja tries to stop her and asks her to think about Anu, but Amma ji closes the door and leaves from there.

Anu and Yuvraj come to Garibpur to meet Revti. Amma ji is walking in the village and recalls Balwant’s words. She thinks of the good times with Janvi. Ladoo plays…She thinks about Saroja’s words and thinks about Anu. She thinks she has to say bye to Anu. Anu checks her phone and tells that it might be fallen somewhere. She says she will bring it. Amma ji calls her and hears the ringtone. She searches for the phone. Anu is coming there. Amma ji picks the phone from the ground and sees Dadi on Anu’s phone and looks for Anu shockingly. Anu comes there searching for her phone and collides with Amma ji. Both of them turn and look at each other. Anu asks what you are doing in Garibpur. Amma ji asks what you are doing here?


Laado 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amma ji brings Anu home and asks why did she lie to her. Anu says you have also lied to me. Yuvraj knocks on the door and calls Anu. Amma ji takes gun and aims on him. Anu is shocked.

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