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Laado 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 6th December 2017 Episode start with Rantej coming to Garibpur and comes to Revti, says you are looking more s—y now than in the video. He says my Sheru came to meet you and says since he saw you, got mad after you and asks her to hug him. He calls Sheru. Revti gets scared and the clothes bag fall from her hand. Rantej says your wish will be fulfilled today. He tells Garibpur people that Sheru is the one who had unclothed Revti. Everyone is shocked, but stands silently. Jaydev hears him and runs to inform Amma ji. He asks her to come out. Rantej tells villagers that he came to announce that Garibpur responsibility is in Sheru and his goons’ hands and says no woman shall step out of house, and says think that the Sheru and his goons are their body guards. If they come out then Revti will be unclothed again and same thing will happen with them too. Amma ji comes and calls his name Rantej.

Amma ji plays…she asks if he forgot the pain so soon. Rantej says I was missing you and asks Sheru to keep Amma ji’s name on top of the list, and says because of her we got Garibpur. Amma ji says it came to you because of me and I might slip from your hand because of me too. Rantej says we will talk nicely and says they will have party tonight here to celebrate our rule here, and says a happening couple will dance today Sheru and Revti. He says if you don’t come then my goons will drag you there. He asks Revti to wear green lehenga and red blouse etc. amma ji gets angry.

Rantej says Balwant Chaudhary will come today to see Revti and Sheru’s dance. Jaydev asks amma ji what will happen now, if Revti will dance infront of those devils. Amma ji says time is great. She hugs Revti to give her strength and says I can understand your pain. She asks her not to worry and says this time, you see darkness, I am standing with you, you shall have strength in you and asks her to be courageous to change that darkness into light. Revti goes to her house. Anu asks Saroja to let her go and says she needs to talk to Revti. Saroja says it is not safe outside.

Amma ji comes and asks Jaydev to lock the door. Anu asks if Revti is fine. Amma ji asks her to mind her own business. Anu asks if Ram charan is caught and if he apologized to Revti. Amma ji says his name is not Ram Charan, but Sheru. Anu calls Yuvraj and asks him to enquire about Sheru. Yuvraj says ok. Amma ji calls her and asks what you are doing. Anu says she is taking free breaths and tells that whenever I am with you, you counts my breath.

Malhari Devi laughs hearing Sheru will dance with Revti. Balwant says Ammaji’s face will be shocked and asks Rantej to get a chair for Amma ji. Rajjo gets a call and someone tells her that Yuvraj is enquiring about Sheru. Yuvraj comes there and tells Balwant that Sheru is the one who misbehaved with Revti. Balwant acts to be surprised. Yuvraj says Rantej knows about him. Balwant asks Rantej to tell his address and says he will send some men to get him. Yuvraj says he will get him. Rantej tells the address and asks him not to hurt his friend. Yuvraj asks him to make friends carefully and says your this friend is gone.

Malhari asks Rantej why did he tell him address. Rantej and Balwant laughs. Balwant says he told him wrong address and yuvraj can’t find him.

Amma ji says who will eat this bajra roti and says it seems they have to serve it to cow now. Anu comes to have food. Saroja asks her to sit. Anu eats the food and hopes yuvraj finds out about Sheru. She gets Yuvraj’s call and he tells her that he is going to Sheru. Anu says I will come with you. Yuvraj refuses to take her. Anu says this is my project and I will come. Yuvraj says he has to leave now itself. Anu tells Amma ji that she has to go to her lodge to get her project papers. Amma ji refuses to let her go. Anu asks her to send Jaydev with her. Amma says Jaydev. Anu says you don’t trust me, send him with me. Amma ji asks didn’t you break my trust. Anu asks do you want to forget the project and sit here. Amma ji asks Jaydev to take her. Jaydev gets tensed. Saroja asks why did you let her go. Amma ji says her trust is shaken up and says I can’t doubt her again and again and can’t ruin our relation.


Laado 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu fools Jaydev and escapes. Jaydev picks the call and says Anu is with him. Anu and Yuvraj are standing near the pond waiting for Revti, when Amma ji comes there and says you lied to me again.

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