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Laado 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update


Laado 6th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Laado 6th March 2018 Episode Start With Rajjo asking Malhari to send goons to search Rantej. Malhari says what I will say them that Rantej went to hunt his bhabhi. Anushka comes there. Malhari asks what you have done with my sons. Anu says nothing, they will return safely. Malhari asks her to stay at home and be in limits. Anu asks her to control men first. She asks what happened, I heard you need your heir. Malhari says she wants to kill her. Rantej comes and asks Malhari to let her go. Malhari asks them what happened? Rantej says nothing and goes. Rajjo says now Meera can control him.

Meera comes to room and recalls Vishal applying color on her face. She tries to wipe it. She tells Rantej that they shall celebrate holi. Rantej stops her and blackens his hand with shoe polish and applies to her face. Malhari comes there and asks what happened? Meera tells her same thing. Malhari asks him to prove his manness and gives her heir from Meera. Rantej is shocked. Malhari says you knows well.

Later Anu is drinking coconut water. Yuvraj says don’t you have shame, I am feeling headache and you are drinking coconut water. Anu says I will bring it for you. Yuvraj asks what happened to her. Anu brings coconut water and says straw is not there. Teri Ore plays. She asks shall I help? Yuvraj says yes. Anu throws coconut water on him and says I won’t let you win in life. Servant comes and says Anu sent lime water for him.

Rantej comes to Meera and says I like that you forgive me easily. Meera says I will not come with you. Rantej says I will fulfill your wish and lifts her. He takes her to room. Meera sees decoration and gets surprised. Rantej laughs and asks her not to worry tonight. He says you wants child in your womb. Meera smiles and asks are you joking? Rantej says I am your husband. Meera gets happy. Rantej says you will have baby, but not mine. Meera gets shocked and asks what? Rantej says that baby’s father will be him and points finger at his goon. Meera is shocked and asks have you gone mad? Rantej says don’t worry, I will go outside the room. Meera says I want our baby, are you joking. Rantej says you have to do this. Meera asks him to let her go. Yuvraj wakes up hearing sound.

Meera asks Rantej what is he doing and says she never listened to anyone. Rantej holds her hand and then asks his goon to control her. Meera asks him to move back. Rantej sits to drink. Meera asks goon not to touch her and says I am Rantej’s wife. She asks him to protect her. Rantej tells Meera that baby’s face shall be like her and not like the goon. He asks her to close her eyes and is about to walk out, when he sees Anu standing outside the room. He asks her why she came like a snake and says he will end her. Anu says I am not scared of you and asks him to look everywhere. Her team comes out from hide out. Laado song plays…

Meera hugs Anu. Goon apologizes and goes. Rantej says you have to pay for this. Meera says she is feeling hatred for herself for loving him and says you are worst than gutter insects. Rantej is about to slap her when Anu holds his hand and asks him not to dare this. Laado song plays..She thinks what you will do when your wife comes to know that you are impotent.


Laado 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Meera questions Rantej why did he take such a cheap step. Anushka asks him to say.

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