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Laado 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Laado 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 7th November 2017 Episode start With Amma ji telling Saroja that she didn’t give birth to these girls, but have kept them safely and will not let them go anywhere. Saroja says Anushka wants to go to Hrishikesh. Amma ji stops her. Janvi says even I will come with you to Veer pur. Anushka says you refused to come infront of Dadi. She says she will go and clean the floor. Janvi says he is heer ranjha from inside. Balwant’s son makes old man have wine. Old man says my wife is waiting for me. Balwant’s son thinks your wife will have wedding night with him. He makes him forcefully drunk and says Champa….laughs. Champa cries thinking about Balwant Chaudhary’s men kidnapping her and bringing her there. Balwant’s son comes to her room and laughs. Champa is shocked. He locks the door and pushes her on bed.

She nods no and cries. She was raped by him. Old man is hanged to death by Balwant’s son. The people of the village think that old man died as he regrets his decision for marrying a young girl etc. Balwant’s men tells that old man’s wife Champa is untouched and whoever wins her in the auction will get her. Champa is made to sit for the auction and cries. One of the villager buys her for 15 acres of land and takes her with him. Balwant’s son tells that nobody else can get Champa as she is his. He says he has to kill one more man now.

A man finds old man body in the water and prays to God to send someone to make Haryana safe. Amma ji is shown as she presents milk in the temple. The woman standing here asks until when they have to wait. Pandit ji asks women to wait. Other woman says she understands as she knows her bhakti. Other woman says it seems like she has done so many sins that’s why presents milk to mahadev to wash away her sins. Amma ji looks on. Janvi gives bangles to the women. Amma ji comes there. Janvi says you prays for everyone. She gives her mask so that she is protected from pollution. Amma ji thinks she had done something good that she got grand daughter like her. A thief snatches chain from Janvi’s neck. Janvi shouts and tells Amma ji that it was given by Anu. Amma ji throws aarti plate and makes thief falls down. Amma ji’s song plays….Janvi gets amazed and thinks what is this avatar of Dadi. Amma ji goes to thief and gets Janvi’s chain.

Rantej Chaudhary is angry thinking about Champa. His goon friends tell that they have brought Cobra to kill the man. Rantej says Champa…I am coming. Janvi comes home and tells Anushka that Dadi showed her bold act today. Saroja asks did you tell them about your past. Janvi praises about Amma ji’s boldness to get the chain from thief. Anushka asks if Saroja is hiding from us. Amma ji cooks up a fake story and tells that she used to hit stone in the water. Anushka says you would have got them arrested and says if he files complaint. Janvi says he will not file complaint and shows her dupatta. A fb is shown, Amma ji tears her dupatta and ties on thief’s head. Fb ends. Anushka asks Amma ji not to do any kaand till she returns. She asks janvi if she is coming with her. Janvi says no. She asks Saroja to do something. Saroja says she will try. Rantej comes to Dharam’s house who has bought Champa. Dharam opens the door and asks Champa to bring sweets. Rantej asks him to open the sweet box. Dharam opens the box and the snake bites him. Champa sees him dying and is shocked. Rantej asks Champa to pack her bag and says he will give her room in his haveli. Champa sees Dharam dead and is shocked.

Janvi asks Anushka to keep head phones and her chappals. Anushka says she already kept it. Janvi tells the things. Anushka says are you coming with me. Janvi says Saroja will convince Dadi. Anu asks until when she will depend on others. Janvi says future lawyer is coward. Anu says you called me phattu. Saroja comes there and nods no, says she can’t convince amma ji. Balwant asks Rantej to come. Rantej sits down. Balwant massages his head and says you have killed two men for Champa and says she has already earned 30 acres of land. Rantej asks if you are angry with me. Balwant says no. Rantej’s wife hears him and thinks my husband will get woman home and thinks what is this punishment.

Champa is sitting under the tree. The men of the village tell that she has killed two men and say they shall kill her. They are about to throw stone on her, but Rantej comes there and asks Champa to come with him silently. He tells Villager that his father asked to bring her to his haveli. Rantej’s wife Meera lights the lamps. Rajjo asks if she lit the lamps for uptan and Dharam. She says your husband kills the men and you lights the lamps. She says Rantej brought Champa home and will not come out of her room. She sets off lamps. Meera lights it again and asks God not to send any innocent girl there.

Anushka tells Amma ji and Janvi that she will go back to hostel after coming from Hrishikesh. Amma ji asks if she kept all the things. Anushka says yes. Amma ji asks whose bag is this? Anu says it is of Janvi. Amma ji asks if Janvi will go without her bag. They get happy and hug her, also lift her together. Amma ji asks Anu to call her and keep Janvi with her, and get back to place before night. Anushka promise. They take selfie. Amma ji hugs Janvi again. Janvi says where ever I am, but I will be always in your heart. Amma ji asks her to take care. Anu asks her to come. Janvi sits in the mini bus and they leave. Janvi thinks they are going to Veer pur. Ladoo song plays.


Laado 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The bus comes in Veerpur. Some guy holds Janvi’s hand while she brushes off his hand. Anushka asks Janvi to have strength and says she will always be with her. Balwant’s goons kidnap Jhanvi. Amma ji gets restless.

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