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Laado 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Amma Ji Punishes Sheru To Give Justice To Revti


Laado 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Laado 8th December 2017 Episode start with Amma ji coming home and gives film CDs’ to Anu and says she got Jaydev brought it and asks her to read magazines if she gets bored. Anu asks for what and asks why she is locking her. Amma ji says she doesn’t like this, but you left no option for me. Anu asks what you are going to do and says she wants justice for Janvi. Amma ji says she is enough for the goons. Yuvraj enquires about Sheru, but the villagers there say that they didn’t know. Balwant tells that if Yuvraj finds Sheru, then he will not take time to know the truth. Yuvraj calls him and asks about Sheru. Rantej asks him to come home and have a drink and also let Sheru drink. Yuvraj thinks he might be in bar. Balwant asks Rantej why did you say this and says now Yuvraj will search in the bar.

Sheru is at the bar and dancing with the goons on gandi baat. He tells he will enjoy with Revti tonight and is thankful to Rantej. Amma ji and Revti hears him. Amma ji says if you had commit suicide today then it was your defeat. She asks her to do as she says. Revti says I am ready to kill him. Amma ji says if we kill him then he will get mukti and says we have to let him be alive to set an example. Sheru tells his goons that he will go now to relieve himself, and says tonight gandi baat.. amma ji says today court is mine and also the decision. Saroja comes to Anu. Anu says I know you will free me. Saroja says your Dadi is right and says one lie has changed everything. Anu says I am not a small child. Saroja asks her to sit and says she will bring sweets. Anu asks her to lock her too. Sheru goes behind the bar when Amma ji hits on his head. He faints.

Rantej calls Sheru’s goon and asks him not to tell Yuvraj anything about Sheru. They say we have to search Sheru bhai. Just then Yuvraj comes and asks where is Sheru? They say we didn’t know. Just then some other goon comes and says he tried a new kameez. Yuvraj says so you know Sheru. Other goons say yes, but you can’t find me. Sheru gains consciousness and sees Revti. He thinks she did a magic on him that he is seeing her everywhere. He then sees her standing and asks did you hit me. I did a mistake by just unclothing you, and today I will make you dirty and fulfill your wish for what you came here. Revti puts cloth on his face as he comes closer to her.

Amma ji holds the cloth tightly and ties his head. He asks Revti to leave him. He says I will not leave you. Amma ji then hits him and make him fall. He gives lathi/ stick to Revti. Revti beats him and says today I will tell you how it feels when you breaks a girl’s swabhimaan. He says it doesn’t suit you. Revti asks did this suit you, unclothing a girl to disrespect her. She says your eyes enjoyed seeing me unclothed and says today I will play with your eyes. Sheru asks have you gone mad. Amma ji brings burning hot rod and pierced in his eyes damaging it. He shouts my eyes. Villagers hear his screams. Amma ji plays…

Amma ji and Revti leave from there. Revti tells Amma ji that Sheru saw me and if he tells his goons then. Amma ji says he will not say and if he tells also then nothing will happen. She says we have taken a decision. Villager comes there and see Sheru unconscious. Yuvraj asks the goons where is Sheru? He beats them and asks where is Sheru. Goon comes and says someone has damaged sheru’s eyes. Yuvraj thinks who reached him before me.

Balwant and Rantej come to Garibpur and calls Sheru for the jashn. Just then they see goons bringing Sheru. Rantej asks what happened and who did this? He asks him to tell the name. Sheru takes Revti’s name. Rantej gets furious.


Laado 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amma ji got successful to get justice for Revti, but a new challenge comes infront of her. Anu tells her that janvi needs justice. Amma ji asks her to go back to Delhi. Anu elopes from home with Yuvraj. Amma ji sees her leaving.

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