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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini asking Ayaan to leave before police comes. Ayaan refuses to leave. Kamini asks Mohini to come back. She shouts on them. Ragini takes Kamini aside and says Mohini and Ayaan love each other, their misunderstanding got cleared. Ayaan says I promised my mom and dad that I will win and then leave, don’t ask me too lose and go. Kamini says fine, what can you guarantee this won’t happen again, can you promise Ayaan won’t cheat her, you have seen all this happening with me, men are such, I will never let this happen with Mohini, love and all is fake, once motives are fulfilled, love is thrown in dustbin. Ragini asks her to think of Mohini, don’t test her patience, if she takes any wrong step, it will be tough. Kamini asks do you want me to get quiet.

Mohini asks Ayaan to leave. He says tell me once that you don’t love me, you don’t want to see my face, you hate me. She gets quiet.

He says I know you love me as much as I do, till I have your love strength with me, I will fight with anyone. They hear police siren. Mohini asks Ayaan to go. He refuses. Police comes. Kamini complains about Ayaan troubling them. Inspector asks what’s the matter. Ayaan tells inspector that Mohini loves him, they love each other. Kamini asks Mohini to come to her. Constable says its matter of love, so girl is standing with guy. Kamini asks inspector to take action. Ayaan says I didn’t come here to trouble anyone, I came here as I love Mohini. Kamini shouts shut up. She asks inspector to do something. Inspector asks Ragini to say if Ayaan is really troubling. Kamini asks Ragini to say how Ayaan is creating a scene. Inspector asks Ayaan to leave from here. Ayaan says I m standing on road, not in anyone’s house, ask her did I hurt her or protest, road is public property, none can stop me. Kamini says see his attitude, do something else I will call commissioner. Inspector asks Ayaan to just leave, else he will get beaten up.

Ayaan says you won’t be able to move me. Inspector beats Ayaan. Mohini gets restless and shouts Ayaan. She asks Kamini to leave her. Inspector asks Ayaan will he go or get beaten up more. Ayaan refuses. He says I love you Mohini and smiles. Inspector hits on his head and slaps him. Ayaan gets more beaten up. Mohini comes in between. Inspector says I will teach him a lesson. Constable scolds and pushes Mohini. Kamini holds Mohini.

Ayaan shouts enough, you can beat me, but I won’t let anything happen to Mohini, how did you touch her. Kamini looks again. Inspector takes the stick to beat him again. Kamini stops inspector. He says let me do my work. She says you just go, I take my complaint back. He asks why did you do complaint then. Kamini apologizes. Police leaves.

Ayaan thanks Kamini. Kamini asks Mohini to take Ayaan inside and do the aid. Mohini asks are you saying this. Kamini says yes, I felt I m wrong and stopped this, Ayaan has won and I have lost. Ayaan says no, its our victory. They all smile.

Kamini does the aid. Mohini gets glad. Ayaan says I m not hurt, I have won everyone’s heart, I m glad. Ragini says you proved you can do anything for Mohini. He thanks her. Ragini says I didn’t know Kamini will melt so soon. Kamini says I have seen Ayaan fighting when Mohini got hurt, I saw his true love in his eyes. Mohini says its a magical moment, I didn’t say yes to Ayaan till now, I hope your hatred towards men…. Kamini says that will never end.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini asks Ayaan about Madhavi. Vijaylaxmi threatens to kill Ayaan. Inder gets a heart attack.

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