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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini talking to Ayaan. Kamini comes there and opens the door. Ayaan hides. Ragini calls out Kamini. Kamini goes back and asks why did she shout. Ragini makes excuses. Mohini asks Ayaan to meet her outside the house, they should go out before Kamini sees him. Ayaan agrees and says its strange situation to meet this way, its fun to meet this way.

Mohini and Ayaan come to the cafe for coffee. She sees the rates and says coffee is not less than 500rs, we get dinner for this rate. He says fine, let’s enjoy the coffee this time. She orders a coffee. Ayaan says till when will this hide and seek with Kamini. Mohini says Kamini will never allow me to give house on rent. He asks why does Kamini hate men. She says good question, but even I don’t know the answer, I guess maybe she had bitter experience with men in film industry.

Kamini comes to act in a tv show. She recalls her old time. The crew men make fun of her. Producer welcomes her and says I wanted to work with you. She says I want to discuss my role. He asks her to come. An actor says I m your big fan, I m lucky to work with you. The producer says this actor is playing your husband’s role. She asks the details of her character. He says sure, we have to take a look test of you and Harsh, you know channel, they don’t give approval without knowing anything.

Ayaan says something would have happened which you don’t know. If she is hiding something from you. Harsh and Kamini act for the look test. Harsh holds her. She recalls Rana and Madhav. She pushes Harsh. Harsh asks what happened, did I do any mistake. Producer asks her to sit. Ayaan asks how is the coffee. Mohini says its very bitter, its costly coffee, milk is less, I make coffee better at home. He says I will have it then. They joke.

She says matter came on Kamini again, you have seen this closely, I m just asking generally, how did a big superstar reach this situation. She says time changes suddenly in life, I was very young, I don’t remember much, Kamini did not had work, she got away from film industry, dad did not let her breakdown, after he passed away, I promised not to let Kamini and Ragini miss him. He says I m sorry for your loss.

Kamini tries to give the shot again. Harsh says the lines. Kamini gets shocked when Harsh tells Madhav’s shayari. She starts crying. Mohini asks about Ayaan’s family. He says I have a rude dad and sweet mom, I have a sister who is happily married abroad. She says I don’t share my feelings with anyone easily, but I feel connected to you. He says I m glad.

Harsh asks what happened. Kamini says its my mistake, sorry I can’t do this. She leaves. Producer says so sad, its true what we heard, she has lost it. Harsh says God shouldn’t show such day to any artist. Ayaan asks for bill. He pays the bill. Mohini looks on. She says this looks your dad’s credit card, you call him rude and then enjoy by his money, wow, I guess this is young India. She smiles. He holds her hand and says I m not like others, the day I get everything I will return everything to my dad. She says I did not mean it. A man gets angry on waiter and throws tea on waiter’s face. Ayaan and Mohini look on.

Mohini goes to that man and says I came to take your side. The man asks her to go. She says fighting with waiter can be costly. He says I can buy 100 waiters like him. Ayaan looks on. She says waiter can do anything, he got annoyed and went to get tea for you, if he spits in your tea and serves same tea, think. The man says I will not leave him. She asks how will you know whether he has spit in tea or not. He says you are right. He calls the waiter and pays money. He apologizes and says buy a new shirt, sorry. The waiter gives him tea. Ayaan and everyone clap for Mohini. Waiter happily goes. Mohini and Ayaan see each other and smile.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav says I worry for my child, my daughter. Kamini says Mohini is just my daughter. Madhav says I m ashamed of you. Ragini finds Kamini collapsed.

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