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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap saying post got delivered. Rajmata says I m here since three days, divorce papers did not come. Madhav says maybe its some misunderstanding. Pratap says but that man said the receipt has your signs. Madhav says I did not sign on any receipt. Pratap says I asked him to send receipt copy. Pratap gets the photo on phone and shows to Madhav. Madhav says its impossible, I was not in Rajgarh three days before. Rajmata says its like Madhav’s sign, it means forgery. Pratap sees Vijaylaxmi. Madhav says none can sign on my behalf, maybe they are hiding their mistake, I want those papers, after court decision comes, we husband and wife….. Vijaylaxmi leaves. Madhav goes after her. Rajmata says we have to find this matter, who can forge Madhav’s sign, I mean this is serious.

Mili tells Kamini that she got world tour offer,, they are giving you 4 crores offer, you can take 4 people, hair stylist, makeup, and some family member. Kamini says no, I will take both mum and dad. Mili says it means I will be left alone. Kamini says no, I m not taking Anu. Mili says not fair. Kamini says I will take you and Anu along. Mili says I knew this, I was just joking. Kamini says tell them to wait for a month. Mili says no, fate changes in a day here. Kamini says relax, I know what I m doing.

Madhav says Vijaylaxmi, whatever happens with us in our life, its maybe our fate, our relation was till here, I m thankful that you understood me and decided to let me free. He gets Kamini’s call and disconnects. Kamini says don’t know what’s the matter, Madhav never disconnected my call.

Madhav says if you need me anytime, tell me, I will help you in every way, our relation ended, not our bond. He asks servant what’s the matter. Servant says Rajmata called all servants to check handwriting and sign. Vijaylaxmi says thanks, I m glad we handled this matter with maturity, whatever the situation, respect/status should not come in risk, I think such. Madhav nods. Kamini poses for the photos.

Kamini gets Madhav’s call and goes to answer. The man says I know Kamini well, she will come. Madhav says I was speaking to Vijaylaxmi, post office guys are saying I received the papers, but I was not in Rajgarh, someone has forged my signs, don’t worry I will get the copy soon, why did you get silent. She says nothing, I m thinking now I don’t need to hide anything. Madhav says I m feeling strange to leave my old life behind, but I m glad that I can get you, now none can stop us from uniting. She asks how is Vijaylaxmi. He says she is good, she got free of a husband like me, I was zero husband for her. She asks him to become hero now. They say I love you to each other. She says I wish you were here with me. He says I m there with you, close your eyes and feel my presence. Kamini imagines Madhav clicking her photos. Bakhuda……plays….. Kamini and Madhav get busy in their works, and imagines each other everywhere. Madhav sees Kamini in Pratap. Pratap signs him, asking is he fine. Kamini sees Madhav in Robin and blushes. Mili signs her what. Kamini imagines Madhav and hugs the hero in the scene.

Rana asks Vijaylaxmi about Madhav buying bungalow for Kamini. Vijaylaxmi says yes, don’t worry I will rule there. He asks her to wake up and accept truth. She says Rajmata needs to wake up, she does not know truth, she does not know I received divorce papers from postman by signing Madhav’s name, Rajmata is doubting on servants, I forged Madhav’s sign.

Rana asks her to stop all this. Vijaylaxmi says everyone will know the truth, you know its much fun to see Madhav’s worry, everything is going as per my plan. She tells and sees Madhav at the door. Madhav asks what do you mean by that. She ends the call. He asks what were you saying to your dad. She says you know my dad, we were talking of your rival and party leader, I was telling dad what strategy to use against them. Madhav says I m standing in elections, I will think how to deal with my rivals, not your dad.

She says but you are busy in other things, someone had to do these small things, sorry if you feel I m interfering in your work, I m not your wife now. He says sorry to be rude, you can always give opinion in politics, your mind runs fast, we will always be each other’s well wisher, we will always bond because of Madhavi. He goes. She calls back Rana and says everything is in my control. Rana asks what’s your plan, what did you get, divorce is happening. Vijaylaxmi says I got some time by forgery, now its right time, use that Mumbai house against Kamini, inform IT, it will take years to prove its her house, you can ruin her. Rana says I will make my plan out when right time comes, IT enquiry will keep Mathurs busy now, take care. She smiles.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A lady curses Kamini. Kamini gets shocked. Rana says I will have fun to take revenge from Arun.