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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini thanking Kamini for solving her problem. She says I hope your hatred for men… Kamini says that will never get less, my perception just changed for Ayaan, not for all men, I don’t want to spoil your mood by talking about my story, Ayaan I know your love for Mohini is true, but it has to pass a test, your fight was with my hatred, now you have to fight my belief. She asks him will he keep her belief. He says I promise I will not break your trust. She says think well, its big decision. He says my decision is still same, it will be same till I die. Kamini says fine, I will wish your love to reach destination, I have to meet your parents. Ayaan says sure, I told them about Mohini, they were happy, Mohini and I had confusion, so I came here to win your heart.

Kamini says its good, but I had to ask something, Mohini told me about your friend, some girl, who is she. Ragini thinks if Kamini knows she is Madhavi, all happiness will end. Inder says CBI blacklisted our companies and freezed all accounts, Vijaylaxmi made the plan to ruin me.

Ragini says its all solved now. Mohini says yes, its all over. Kamini asks who is his friend, I want to be sure. Madhav asks for Madhavi’s laptop to send an imp email. Madhavi asks him to take it. He sees Ayaan’s pic removed from wallpaper and asks her why did she change it. Ayaan says Kamini has right to know, that girl’s name is… Mohini says don’t take her name, I don’t like you taking any girl’s name. Kamini smiles. Ragini says see she loves Ayaan so much. Ayaan says okay I will try and practice. Ragini says we should meet Ayaan’s parents. Madhav asks Madhavi is there any problem. Madhavi says no, its a setting problem. Ayaan says you can meet my parents any time. Kamini says I hope you support Mohini all life. Ayaan says wrong, she is my life, I will care for my life. He thanks Kamini and leaves.

Mohini thanks Kamini and says you are like my mum. Kamini cries and asks mum? I felt very nice hearing mum from you. They hug. Ragini wishes Kamini’s old wounds heal. Madhav asks Madhavi to say. Vijaylaxmi comes. Madhav asks her did she talk to Inder about engagement. Inder takes much tension. Vasu asks him not to worry.

Inder gets a threatening call. The man threatens to kill Ayaan. Inder worries. Vasu asks what happened. Madhav says fine, I will meet Inder and ask him. Madhavi stops him. Vasu gets angry and says I will not tolerate this. Inder says I will make a last request to Vijaylaxmi. Madhav says I can visit Ayaan’s house anytime. Vijaylaxmi asks him to stop it. He says I just want to visit Mehtas. Inder calls Vijaylaxmi. He asks her to end this matter now, he got a threatening call about Ayaan. She says I will not change my decision, don’t request or beg, just call to tell your decision. She thinks Inder got trapped. Madhav asks what happened.

She makes excuses. She says don’t get in this matter, I will tell you when everything gets finalized, leave me alone. He says nice suggestion, I got my answer. He goes. Madhavi says I get hurt seeing you and dad like this. Vijaylaxmi asks her to get habitual. Madhavi asks her why did she lie to Madhav, knowing Ayaan doesn’t love her. Vijaylaxmi thinks if Madhavi knows this, she will refuse to marry Ayaan, I have to do this for my profit. She says I was making Madhav quiet by lying, don’t worry, everything will get fine.

Inder says Vijaylaxmi wants to hear yes, Ayaan have to choose between love and life, how to save my son, I can’t ruin his life. He gets a heart attack. Vasu holds him. Ayaan comes home and gets shocked seeing Inder. He asks Inder what happened, get up. Vasu cries.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini and Mohini come to meet Inder. Madhav and Madhavi also come there. Mohini sees Madhav.

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