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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karanveer meeting Kamini. She recalls the hug. He asks what. She signs nothing. She says I m sorry. He asks why, for that long hug, trust me, that moment was special for me, thanks, it was your best scene. She says you are embarrassing me now. He says I know it was not for me, who is your prince charming. She says don’t pull my leg. He says everyone can see you are madly in love, what’s the matter, he maybe special, charming, classy. She smiles recalling Madhav. He says I know he will be handsome, there can be one reason to hide from world, that he is married. She laughs.

She asks him to write films, there is nothing such. She asks him to come, shot is ready. He says love and marriage are your personal matters, don’t leave your success, I know many girls who left success for love and marriage, you are talented, but believe people and think by heart, I m very happy for you, you got much success, so think well. The crew gossips about them. Kamini says I worship my work, I value what this industry gave me, don’t worry I m not going anywhere. Karanveer says you are wrong, the industry will leave you when you take your career light, try to balance personal and professional lives. She says thanks for this advice. He says I was just irritating you. She says I hate you. The people take selfies with her and Karanveer.

A lady comes and scolds Kamini. Kamini asks who are you, leave my hand. Karanveer gets in between and calls security. Shekhar is also present there and calls someone. Karanveer asks Kamini are you okay. She says yes. Lady says you have snatched my love, why are you doing this with me. Karanveer asks who is she. Kamini says I don’t know her. Mili says you are that tv actress Rohini. The lady says yes, I m struggling, Kamini has everything, why is she snatching my love. Kamini recalls Madhav and Vijaylaxmi.

The lady curses Kamini. Guard stops the lady. The lady slaps the guard and scolds him. Karanveer says shut up, whom are you threatening, if you are a woman, Kamini is also a woman, get out from here. The lady says if you have courage, make me leave. Guard calms down Karanveer and says we got female security. Rahul asks the lady to stop it, I m still yours. The lady says no, you accepted this, now you are taking her side, fine I will die. Rahul says there is nothing between me and Kamini, she is a big star, its just publicity for me to get work. They all get shocked. Rahul says Shekhar called me here, so I came to stop this drama. He takes his girlfriend. He apologizes to Kamini. Lady scolds Rahul for all this. Rahul says such price has to be paid for stardom. Karanveer slaps Rahul. He says you think stars are made such way by using media and public, did you work hard, industry is small, you will reap what you sow. Guard says let him go, you are a big star. Karanveer says I know what I m doing, I will teach him a lesson, pack up, there won’t be any shoot today. Rahul says sorry. Karanveer asks him to say sorry to Kamini. Rahul apologizes and leaves.

Karanveer asks Kamini to understand, they can do anything to get success, respect your stardom, look at me, I took 7 years to get successful. He sees Shekhar and stops him. Karanveer scolds him. Kamini requests Shekhar not to write anything about this. She asks Karanveer not to cancel shoot, it will be producer’s loss, you taught me to respect work, I will just come. She stops Rahul and his girlfriend. She says you truly love Rahul right, trust your love, none can snatch your love is its true, love is bigger than success and stardom, be happy. Rahul says so sorry mam. Kamini says forget it, if I can work hard and reach here, you guys can also reach here, be honest, shortcuts have a short life. She joins their hands. Rahul thanks her. They go. Shekhar and Karanveer look on. Kamini goes for the shot. Karanveer says I went to give her gyaan, she is so good that forgives her enemies. Shekhar says she is so innocent that she does not know her enemies, I m not telling you. Karanveer says I know.

Rana talks to some men about troubling Arun. He says I will have fun to take revenge, Arun sees his daughter’s accounts, so target that, they have bought a bungalow, I have the proof, start with this bungalow, Kamini and Arun’s name should be defamed. The man says I m junior officer, how shall I do this. Rana says you can forward this, don’t say you can do this, else I have to pass your secrets, have coffee, its fun if revenge is taken late, coffee does not taste good when had later. The man says fine, I will send this.

Ragini says Kamini wants to finish her work before marriage, she will come till morning, divorce papers will be coming soon, Madhav and Vijaylaxmi are not husband and wife now. Arun thanks Lord. He gets a call and gets shocked.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav says I got divorce papers in hand. Kamini says it means I can tell the work. Arun gets threatened and asks Kamini to leave from the city.