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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan praising Mohini. She says goodness is taken as weakness these days. He says you showed bravery. She says good people have to make wrong things right. He asks what if you did wrong with right person and right with wrong person. She says no, my judgment can’t be wrong. He asks what do you think about me. He stops an auto. She says someone who treats strangers so well will be a good person. They leave.

Kamini comes home crying. Ragini asks what happened. Kamini says I can’t do this acting. She tells whatever happened. She hugs Ragini and cries. Mohini and Ayaan come home.

He does the drama. He asks her to go via main door, he will have entry by back door. She goes. Ragini consoles Kamini. Mohini comes home and gets shocked seeing Kamini crying. She asks what happened. Ragini says Kamini went to do a serial. Mohini asks who asked you to go there. Kamini says how much will you do alone. Mohini says you did a lot for us, you got this roof for us. Kamini says I can’t burden you, I have some duty as an elder sister. Mohini says you are like a caring mum for me, I always regarded you like mum, you would have been my mum in last birth. Ragini and Kamini cry. They hug Mohini. Ayaan looks on and cries getting emotional. He goes to his room and calls his mum. She says I was waiting for you. He says sorry, I will come home after I become something, miss you mom. She says miss you too, come home soon. Mohini goes to her room and sees Kamini’s pic. Ayaan says love you mom. He messages Mohini. She replies the day was good, thanks. He replies why thanks, good happens with good people. They go to sleep.

Kamini recalls whatever happened on the tv serial set. She takes sleeping pills. She hallucinates Madhav. He insults Kamini and asks about his daughter Mohini. She says Mohini is just my daughter. Madhav says fine, tell me one thing, don’t you have courage to call her your daughter. She calls him coward. He says you failed to give a good life to Mohini, her days are to enjoy, she is working to manage your house, if she was with me, atleast I would have given her a princess’ life, I m ashamed of you, its good she does not regard you her mum. She asks him to stop it and leave.

He says fine, I will go, why are you being a burden on Mohini, free her, can’t you give such sacrifice for her, else she will become next Kamini. He shows her the sleeping pills and says do it now. She recalls his words and eats many pills altogether. Madhav smiles. She coughs. He says well done. She sees him and falls unconscious on the bed. Ragini gets milk and gets shocked seeing Kamini unconscious. She shouts to Mohini. Mohini comes and gets shocked. Ragini asks Kamini to get up. Mohini sees the sleeping pills empty bottle and says overdose happened. She shouts. Ayaan hears her. Ragini goes to call doctor and cries. Ayaan asks Ragini what happened. Ragini says Kamini had consumed many sleeping pills and fainted. He thinks to do in front of Kamini to save her.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ayaan checks Kamini and gets shocked.

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