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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Kamini Sees Vijaylaxmi


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini taking Kamini with her. Madhav looks on. He asks Madhavi to ask at reception and follows Kamini. Kamini asks where did you get me. Mohini says crowd is coming to see you. Kamini says its fine. Mohini says we will ask about ICU. Kamini asks her to come at reception. Madhav looks around. Mohini sees him and thinks did Madhav see Kamini. Mohini says we will go that side, your hair got bad, mirror is inside. They go. Madhav misses to see Kamini. He says was Kamini really here. Madhavi comes and asks what are you doing here, its ladies washroom, come we will meet Inder.

Inder opens eyes and sees Ayaan. He asks Ayaan how is he. Ayaan says I m fine, you will also get fine. Vasu says Ayaan has made Mohini and her family free. Inder says good, it means his way is clear to marry Mohini, but Vijaylaxmi….. He gets unstable. They shout for doctor. Doctor checks Inder. Ayaan takes Vasu out. Guard stops Madhav and Madhavi from meeting Inder, as Vijaylaxmi is coming here. Madhavi says I m Vijaylaxmi’s daughter and he is Vijaylaxmi’s husband. Guard asks how can I believe, do you have proof. Madhavi says wait, I will call mum.

She calls Vjaylaxmi. Vijaylaxmi thinks she is doing this to stop her from meeting Inder. She answers call and says I m busy, I will call later. She says none should meet Inder except me. Madhavi says Vijaylaxmi has no time to talk to me. Madhav says its nothing new. Guard says please go, its time for madam to come. Kamini says we came here to see Inder. Guard stops her and says minister Vijaylaxmi is going to come in some time, none has permission to go ahead.

Kamini recalls Vijaylaxmi. Mohini says we will come later to meet Inder. Vijaylaxmi comes. Kamini sees her and gets shocked. Vijaylaxmi asks where is Inder. Kamini thinks why did she come to meet Inder. Vijaylaxmi doesn’t see Kamini and goes.

Madhavi sees Vijaylaxmi and calls her out. Vijaylaxmi doesn’t see her. Guard scolds them to be liars. Vasu says I don’t think Inder will get fine by Vijaylaxmi’s fear. She sees Vijaylaxmi coming. Ayaan turns to see. Vijaylaxmi comes to them and acts sympathetic. Vasu says enough of this sweet talks, this doesn’t you you, you know Inder is here because of you. Vijaylaxmi asks her to talk in low tone, don’t forget with whom are you talking, anyway where is Inder. Ayaan stops her and says I don’t want you to meet my dad.

Servant asks him to mind his tongue. Manager says we are glad madam came here. Ayaan says I think if she meets my dad, he can get an attack again. Manager says is madam any devil…. Vasu says yes, she is not less than any devil, I don’t want my husband to meet her, his health can get worse. Servant says I can’t tolerate madam’s insult. Vijaylaxmi says its fine, what’s there to shout. She sends the men. She says I wanted to meet you Ayaan, your dad just got a heart attack, didn’t your mum say why. Ayaan throws the bouquet, and says you have hurt my dad and his business, now your threatening game is over. She asks really, did you not learn anything, its sad. She threatens them and shows CBI officers. She says they will catch Inder again, they will ruin Inder and get his family on road. Ayaan gets angry.

Vijaylaxmi says your dad got saved this time, he will get second heart attack when he sees CBI officers, can you believe it, I don’t have time, decide fast.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini asks Ragini if Vijaylaxmi is ruining Inder, like Madhav has ruined us. Mohini hears them.

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