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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Updates of Love Ka Hai Intezaar

The Episode starts with Kamini asking Mohini where is she. Mohini says I m with Ayaan, I will come home and talk the matter. Ayaan asks how will we solve this. Mohini says Kamini and Ragini will be shocked by this, such thing happened with Kamini, she can’t bear if same thing is repeated with me. He asks what happened with Kamini. She thinks he will get more troubled if I tell him. He says she is my sister too, tell me. She says I will tell you when time comes, I m sure Madhavi is with her mum. He says I can’t believe this, I have to meet her. She asks how. He says there is no option. She says my mind isn’t working now, whatever happens, we have to save this relation. He says and our families too.

She asks him to come. He asks why did she go to Madhavi’s house as maid, there would be some motive. She says yes. He asks why. She asks him to wait, she will tell everything when time comes, I promise. He holds her and says come on, you can tell me. She says trust me, I will say when time comes. He says what’s such thing, strange, none can understand girls.

Vijaylaxmi’s relatives come. They argue about money. Madhavi asks them who are they. The lady hugs her. Rajmata says you are Vijaylaxmi’s relative right, Rajwanti. The boy says yes, I m her son Gagan. Madhav asks why did you come here suddenly. Vijaylaxmi says I called them. She asks them to take some rest. Rajwanti says I will stay as queen now. Gagan says I will stay as prince, I want to see SRK’s house. He asks Madhavi will she come along. Vijaylaxmi says it will be done. Madhav asks why did you call them here. Vijaylaxmi says to take care of Madhavi, she stays alone, we all are busy.

Madhav argues. Vijaylaxmi says they are my relatives. Rajmata says they came as if they will stay for months here. Vijaylaxmi says I did what I felt is right for Madhavi. Madhavi says its fine, we will adjust. Madhav says fine. Kamini says Mohini was hiding something from me.

Mohini comes home. Kamini asks her the matter. Ayaan asks Inder not to worry, Vijaylaxmi can’t stop him from meeting his love. CBI officers come home to arrest Inder. They get shocked. Ayaan says till dad gets fine, you can’t interrogate him. The man shows the doctor’s report. Ayaan says everyone is bought by Vijaylaxmi. Ragini asks Mohini not to hide anything from her.

Mohini says there is a problem in my and Ayaan’s relation. Ayaan says Inder won’t go anywhere, I will call media. Inder stops him and says no need to call media, I will take my medicines and go with officers. Kamini asks Mohini is Ayaan going against his words. Mohini says no, he is troubled. Kamini asks who is troubling him.

Vijaylaxmi asks Rajwanti/Rajjo to spy, as she is famous for this. Rajjo says yes, I can spy well. Vijaylaxmi says you spy on Madhavi and Madhav, I wanted to become like you. Vijaylaxmi asks her to start work. Inder calls Vijaylaxmi and says I have learnt I can’t fight with you, just end this, I beg you. Ayaan asks Inder not to beg her. Inder says you would know I got a heart attack, I can’t bear any other heart attack, tell the CBI officers to leave from my house. Vijaylaxmi threatens him. He says I will agree to you, it will happen as you want, I promise, but don’t push me to destruction. She smiles and asks what about Ayaan, is he ready to listen to me. He says I will convince Ayaan, leave that on me, I want some days time, I know my son will never refuse, he won’t go against me. She agrees and gives him two days time to explain Ayaan.

He says your girl is so lovely, Ayaan will agree, just manage CBI. She says don’t worry, CBI will leave from your house. Inder thanks her. She smiles.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Ayaan says you know I can do anything for you, why are you doing this. Inder says its for you. Madhavi tells Madhav that Ayaan loves someone else. Mohini gets Ayaan’s call, which leaves her shocked.

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