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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav smiling and seeing Madhavi and Ayaan’s pic. He gives her phone and goes. Madhavi calls Ayaan and can’t connect. She says I hate you. Ragini defends Ayaan. Kamini says why will any stranger do this for us, is there anything between Mohini and Ayaan. Ragini says no, I asked her and she refused. Kamini says my fear is Mohini can like him, did he tell anyone about his family, if he belongs to any rich family like someone came in my life 20 years before, because my status was not equal to him. Ragini says don’t think all this, trust me, I won’t let this happen. Kamini says he is hiding something.

Mohini sees the news of Ayaan Mehta, the new CEO of Vibes channel, Ayaan is Inder Mehta’s son. Mohini says I knew he is rich, but not so rich. Kamini comes and says now truth is in front of you, he has lied to you, why will a rich man’s son stay as PG in our house.

Mohini says he has fought with his family and wanted to become choreographer. Kamini says look how he is standing with his dad, like there was nothing such, I was innocent like you but time taught me everything, men can do anything and cheat, better take lesson, its right Ayaan helped us and paid loan, we will return his money by selling my jewelry. Ragini says Ayaan is right, friendship is with equal people. Kamini says don’t meet Ayaan again. Mohini says no, I will meet him once to know why did he hide big secret from me. Kamini says fine, sell my jewelry and give him money. Mohini says no, I will repay him by my salary, I want to know why he lied to me, I got him here, I will end this story.

Madhavi calls Ayaan. He apologizes for not picking her from airport. She says let’s meet right now, no excuses. He says fine, we will meet today evening. She says thanks, what were you doing. He says all fine, I will finish my work and then we will sit and have a talk. Ayaan calls Mohini. He says you sound upset, did Manikchand come, what did he say. She says I have to talk to billionaire’s son Ayaan Mehta. He says I think you have seen me on tv, sports channel was launched. She says you can launch even a satellite, do you have time to meet me. He says yes, we will meet. He thinks Mohini will get upset if I make her meet heroine today, I will call her late. He says we will meet, I will get loan papers too.

Madhavi gets ready and says I will be meeting my hero today. Vijaylaxmi comes. Madhavi goes to hug her. Vijaylaxmi signs her to stop. Madhavi feels bad and asks how are you. Vijaylaxmi says I don’t like all nonsense, your dad is enough for this, I have no time, its good you have come on right time, I have decided about you. Madhavi asks what. Madhav comes and looks on. Vijaylaxmi says you have to marry, which I decided for you. Madhav and Madhavi get shocked. Madhav asks what, did you fix her marriage and didn’t even tell me. Vijaylaxmi says I know what’s good for Madhavi, I don’t need anyone’s permission.

Madhav asks won’t you ask even Madhavi, you could have spoke to me and mum. Madhavi cries. Madhav asks who is this guy, what his family does, tell me. She says I m her mum. He says I m her dad. She says he is equal to our family status, I was thinking the engagement should happen next month, I will tell about the guy later. She asks Madhavi to stop late night parties and meeting friends. Madhavi cries. Vijaylaxmi gets a call and goes.

Madhav consoles Madhavi. She says I just can’t marry anyone. He says I know, sit, I have seen a guy’s pic on the screen, tell me who is he. She says Ayaan Mehta, he used to meet in my college, he is my friend. Madhav asks is it just friendship or anything else, I mean do you love him. She nods and says yes I love Ayaan and want to marry him, I can’t marry anyone else chosen by mum. He says don’t worry, does this guy also love you. She says he didn’t say anything, but I m sure he won’t refuse, we are close friends, I was going to meet him, he will agree, but how will we handle mum. He says its my responsibility, I have stopped talking with her, when its about your life and happiness, your future, I will not sit quiet, I will not let injustice happen with you, your marriage will happen by your wish with the guy you like. She smiles. He says this is your dad’s promise. She says love you Papa and hugs him. He says love you too. She says you are the best Papa.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ayaan says we were destined to meet, the way we met, I want to say one thing Mohini that I love you.

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