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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav agreeing to Rajmata and saying my people need me, I will join politics. Rajmata gets glad. He says I will not break promise to marry Kamini. She asks what about your wife, whom you promised of seven births, are you so selfish. He says I will talk to her, I m thinking of everyone’s happiness, Vijaylaxmi is also unhappy with this marriage, I m facing truth, truth is I don’t have any physical or soul relation with Vijaylaxmi, she has never loved me, but now after getting true love, I will not live this lie for people and society.

Vijaylaxmi hears them. Rajmata asks would you leave Vijaylaxmi if Kamini is not in your life. He says of course, I would have ended my marriage with Vijaylaxmi, I told this 4 years ago also, you said after child comes, everything will be fine, Madhavi has come, but everything is same, I m not happy. She says marriage is not a game, what about Madhavi, she is your daughter, won’t you have any hesitation to leave her. He says my and Vijaylaxmi’s relation is weak, but Madhavi is my price, she will stay here with me. Vijaylaxmi smiles and goes. Rajmata says Vijaylaxmi will never agree for divorce, she has pride in being a queen. He says fine, then she has to decide if she wants to become free or live with an alive dead body, Kamini is my life, I can’t live without her.

She says even if Vijaylaxmi agrees, her dad won’t, he is coming tomorrow, he is backing you in politics. He says I wish you understood this, I want to win on own. She warns him consequences and goes. He says those who has true heart does not get afraid of lies, I will live on my dad’s teachings.

Reporters take Rahul’s statement. Mili says Rahul is asked to said this, his IQ is very short, I will manage this. Rahul says we are just good friends. Reporter asks is this publicity stunt for next release. Rahul asks can’t a beautiful girl and guy be friends, Kamini and I are close. Suyyash congratulates his assistant. She says we will find Kamini’s real lover till this news stays in people’s mind. Suyyash says she did mistake to insult me, trouble her so much that she gets helpless to come to me, you are thinking what will I get, since she refused me, my desires to get her got high.

Kamini’s dad asks did they go mad, I don’t understand this, Kamini has respect, what’s this. Her mum says they are lying, this is not the guy. Mili asks Anu what did she mean. Kamini calls Madhav. Madhav says mum came home, I spoke to her, it was not like I thought and wanted. She asks why, what happened. He says the controversy on tv, timing is bad. Kamini recalls Anu and Mili’s words. He asks her not to worry, he will handle.

Kamini goes and sees the news. She asks what’s all this, this is too much, its all a lie. Kamini looks at her parents. She says Rahul had small role in my film, he is not even my friend. Mili says I always tell you not to take selfies.

Kamini says all this is a lie. Her dad goes. Her mum also gets upset. Mili says Suyyash’s channel broke this story, there is some connection with that slap. Kamini says its really unfair, dad will be hurt by all this, why do they spoil girl’s character . Her mum says as her family is also affected. Kamini thinks Madhav’s mum would have seen news, he would be embarrassed.

Anu says tweets are also coming. She tells Harsh to issue a denial. Anu says clients don’t want to work with you, you don’t take serious. Kamini says I have worked hard to reach here. Madhav misses his dad. Vijaylaxmi comes to him and says its big day for all of us, our lives will change with your decision. She says like you are proud if your father, Madhavi will be proud of her father, your dad would have been much proud of you today by your decision.

He says I took another decision, I want divorce from you. She gets shocked. He asks her not to take him wrong. She asks is there anyone better than me, there is nothing to get surprised, my marriage was done with a prince, I became part of your world, novel has romance, but my life did not have romance, then I thought life is not a story, I just accepted you, I did marriage, so I had to keep it. He asks why should we keep the marriage. She asks why, everything will change by this decision, you have started smiling by heart, I knew it was not because of me, but I married you, I stayed in hope that this story will end in some time, I did mistake. He says I don’t have courage to lose my love. She says I know, person can’t live happiness easily. He says I want freedom from this compromised marriage, so that I can marry Kamini. He says I won’t hide any truth, I will do everything to give you a good life. She smiles and says I have no hope from you, I m a queen, we don’t ask and happily give what is asked. He asks are you ready for divorce. She says whenever you want, its strange, I have to leave your hand to support you, you did not leave any other way. She goes.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vijaylaxmi talks to her dad. He asks her not to spoil his plans. He asks her to give a son to Madhav. Vijaylaxmi spikes Madhav’s drink.

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