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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini asking Laali will she make her ready for marriage. She calls her Maasi and hugs her. Laali says I will make you ready such a way that the world gets stunned seeing you. Vijaylaxmi says the world will witness this, just see what I do. Rana says plan execution is a different thing, you think your work will get over once you break Kamini and Madhav’s marriage, I m thinking of ahead time, I will ruin Mathurs. Laali shows the earrings for Kamini. Kamini likes it. Arun says give this to Kamini after marriage, we have hidden this for some reason, don’t tell this to anyone. Guru ji asks why, everyone should know about her marriage.

Ragini says media will trouble us. Laali asks who is the groom, tell me. Murli says he would be big hero. Arun says what will be fun to say name now, if bride is special, groom is also special, like a prince. Rana says you have to take Madhav’s wife place again, love can be blind, I have to step in to make you win, Madhav should always respect you. Vijaylaxmi asks what will you do now. He says just sit back and watch, keep your image happy, let me play these dirty games, just do as I say, Madhav will remove Kamini from his life, and happily accept you, but remember this is our last chance, if we do mistake, game is over.

Guru ji says you are not doing right, the time is not to hurry, the time is not auspicious for wedding, all grahs are changing positions, this happens once in 100 years, did you match kundlis. Arun says we did not get time. Guru ji says I have made Kamini’s kundli, just tell me groom’s birth date. Kamini says I don’t believe this. Ragini asks her to tell Madhav’s birth date, Guru ji worries for her. Kamini tells Guru ji. Guru ji makes Madhav’s kundli.

Vijaylaxmi says I learnt all this from you, what shall I do. He asks her to win Rajgarh’s people’s heart, do better acting than Kamini. Servant calls her to give info. She asks him to meet at the temple. Murli says Guru ji’s prediction is never wrong. Guru ji says if marriage is done now, her wedding life will never be happy. Ragini asks does their kundlis not match.

Guru ji says no, their qualities match, their relation is made from heaven, Kamini’s kundli is not good, whenever she tries to go ahead, she will get hurdles, her respect, happiness and success will be at stake. Ragini says there will be some solution. Rana says keep a puja, maha havan, so that people think you are Dharmic. She asks where is the time. He says right now. She says you have to help me. He says never, you have to leave an impression that you are Madhav’s wife, Rajgarh’s queen. She says how shall I lie to Devi maa, my divorce happened, how to do puja as his wife. He says idols don’t speak, else we would have been behind bars, you think everyone who pray to Lord speak truth, this is Kalyug, just do as I say, tell your servant to prepare for puja, I will rest in circuit house, call me when your puja gets over, we will go palace together and then we will play our last move. He smiles and leaves.

She says cheating people is very easy, how its tough to cheat Devi maa, but I can do anything to remain a queen. Guru ji says you have to wait till grahs come back at place, it will take three months. Arun says it can’t happen, you know me, I can’t stop this marriage, three months are big thing. Kamini asks will it be bad for Madhav, if its such, I m ready to wait, how is this relation for Madhav. He says I read his kundli, this relation will get glory and happiness, problem is with your kundli. She says then its fine, my bad fate has no value in front of Madhav’s happiness. Servant tells Vijaylaxmi that other servants are going to tell truth to Madhav after she leaves. She says I will see him later, I have to do maha havan soon. He asks why. She says thinking is not your work, just do what I said. Guru ji says my blessings are with Kamini, she is courageous, I suggest her to go a small puja for peace, get the things for puja and we will keep puja in evening. Vijaylaxmi says everyone should know about this puja, arrange brahmans, we will keep puja in evening. She apologizes to Devi maa and asks for her help. She says I want to prove Papa’s fear is baseless, my plan can’t be wrong, help me. Kamini prays to Devi maa and says I will do this puja with all my heart and love, always keep Madhav and me united, help me.

Arun says I was going to take things for puja, but I have less money. Ragini says what to do, puja is necessary. Arun recalls Karanveer’s card. He says none will doubt on us if we do shopping by this card, Karanveer saved me. Kamini asks where are you going. Ragini says he is going market. Kamini asks him to get some mehendi for her. Arun says fulfill all wishes when you become Madhav’s wife. She says none will know about it, you promise me you will get mehendi. Ragini asks him to make some excuse and get mehendi. Arun agrees. Kamini gets glad.

Madhav plays with Madhavi. He calls Kamini. She answers the call. He jokes that she took much time to answer call. She says sorry, I was talking to Arun, when are you leaving for Mussoorie. He says till evening. She asks him to come fast. Nanny says I can’t come with you, Vijaylaxmi gave me leave, I told her I can’t do this job now. Rajmata says we need you more, Vijaylaxmi will be relieved. Nanny asks what are you saying, will Madhavi stay here. Rajmata says this is her house. Nanny says I thought Vijaylaxmi is taking Madhavi along. Pratap comes and asks Nanny to come with them to Mussoorie, and sort the problems after coming back. Rajmata thinks what’s going on in Vijaylaxmi’s mind.


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