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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update,Written Update of Love Ka Hai Intezaar 23rd May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Kamini trying to call Madhav. Vijaylaxmi’s dad talks to Madhav. He says there is no better candidate than you, you have to work hard, you will get votes, campaigning should be well right, media is big these days, I will manage at national level, Rajmata will manage at state level, take Vijaylaxmi during campaigns, you are lucky, Vijaylaxmi and Rajmata are strong women, they will support you.

Kamini drops the phone. Madhav thanks Vijaylaxmi’s dad Rana for help. He says I want to start my work from my state, I want ticket for my work, not relations, I want to earn name in politics, not by playing politics. Rana says great, you are an ideal son, husband, father, you will be an ideal politician too, its good branding. Madhav says sorry, I don’t believe in image, people should see how I am, Vijaylaxmi and I want to talk to you something imp. Rajmata sends away servants.

Vijaylaxmi says enough of politics, let dad rest. Rana says I can’t rest in daughter’s house, I just came to see her, she is happy. Vijaylaxmi nods. Rana says I should leave now. He asks Madhav what is the matter. Madhav says its…. Vijaylaxmi says not now, Papa is tired. Rajmata says Madhav wanted your advice, he can talk next week too. Rana says sure, we will talk late. Rajmata asks Rana to have some rest, daughter’s Sasural concept is old now. Rana says you are modern, but we are happy in old traditions. He hugs Vijaylaxmi and asks is everything fine. She says yes, it will always be fine. Madhav and Rajmata go.

Rana asks what’s happening, remember no one should spoil my plans, I won’t bear it, the day when Madhav wins elections, I can get all the land of this state, just keep him happy, you like to become queen, then give him a son, Rajgarh’s heir, I know you did not wish to marry him, I know you both are staying as strangers, do the same which you did to get Madhavi in this world. Vijaylaxmi recalls spiking Madhav’s drink. Madhav hears the music. She gives him the drink. She asks him to let music play. Madhav says you hate music. She says leave it now. FB ends. Rana asks Vijaylaxmi to take care and goes. She thinks I care for myself, so I did not kept that secret come out which Madhav wanted to say.

Kamini sees her dad upset and goes to him. She says whatever you say on tv was lie. He says I know, why will anyone lie. She says it was his plan, Suyyash wanted to teach me a lesson. He asks why. She says I have slapped Suyyash. Kamini’s mum says he is a powerful man. Her dad says if he is powerful, does he have license to do anything, maybe he did something so Kamini slapped him. She asks did Kamini do right. He says sometimes person should slap to end some matter. Kamini says exactly, everyone wants me to say sorry. He says you know I was in govt. job before managing your investments, speaking truth is not easy, but fighting for truth is necessary, you have to decide what to do. She thinks I m right, but taking matter ahead will hurt my family.

Suyyash’s assistant Sudha permits Rahul in the show to add some spice. Suyyash asks her to withdraw the campaign, Kamini messaged and apologized, we will have benefit if Kamini comes in award function, we will get respect and business profit. She says but I just invited Rahul. He says its your problem, you manage it, Rahul should not be close to Kamini.

Madhav calls Kamini. She says I thought you won’t call and just send a message to end everything. He says I did not start this relation to end, Rajmata did not agree, but she will agree, but Vijaylaxmi agreed for divorce. She gets glad and asks did she agree. He says yes, don’t worry, I will call later. Kamini jumps on the bed and says now everything will be fine.

Rajmata says Rana got ticket for you, will he agree to you. Madhav says its his decision, I want to go ahead in politics by hardwork, not Rana’s help. She says if you give defamed girl the place of queen, people will not give you votes, how can an actress become this house’s bahu, don’t talk of true love. He says you can give any name to my love, I won’t argue, if Vijaylaxmi does not have objection, you should also have not objection. Vijaylaxmi comes and says I m ready for divorce. Rajmata says you can’t do this. Madhav goes.

Kamini runs to her mum and sings Aaj mai upar. Her mum asks what happened. Kamini says he is going to marry me, I hope everything gets fine, I apologized to Suyyash. Vijaylaxmi says Madhav will change his decision, we have to help him. Rajmata asks how. Vijaylaxmi says queen does not give husband in charity, have some patience and trust me, Maadhav will not go anywhere. Kamini says I m really sorry to hide this, what could I do, I promised to Madhav.

She says I love Madhav Singh, he is a Rajput, he is from royal family, Rajgarh. Her mum says I met the king of Rajgarh, he is no more, he was interested in music and used to come in my concerts, he invited me home to sing, I did not go, I just used to sing with Guru ji. Kamini says Madhav is like him, he likes to help people than running palace hotels. Her mum says I hope you know what you are doing, kings like art, as they have boring life, its for some time then… Kamini says you just meet Madhav once, I m sure you will say he is different.

Kamini says when Rajmata agrees, we will marry, we love each other a lot. Her mum asks what’s the need to hide then. Kamini says its complicated, Madhav has to manage it, he has full confidence that his mum will come in between his happiness. Her mum asks what’s the difficulty then. Kamini says Madhav is married, and he has a daughter too. Her mum gets shocked. She asks how will Rajmata bless Madhav to leave his wife and daughter and remarry, are you in senses, you can’t keep your happiness’ foundation on someone’s broken house.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajmata asks Vijaylaxmi to make Kamini away from Madhav. Kamini says I want to meet Madhav right now. Vijaylaxmi says Madhav will always be with us. Driver tells Kamini that someone is following them, it does not like any fan.

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