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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vijaylaxmi saying I will spend much money, give me some solution. Pandit says Kaali maa is not happy with you. She asks him for some sacrifice or jaap. Pandit says this never happened, when time comes, Kaali maa will give you sign, I can’t help you, sorry. They all go. Vijaylaxmi scolds the servant. Servant says I got raw milk, maybe… Rana comes and says I asked you to do small puja, not spend all day, come with me, everyone is finding you in palace, you have kept phone off. She goes.

They come home. Rana asks her to do as he said, go to your room, don’t come till I tell you, its time for playing the move, where are everyone, did they leave with Madhavi, I wish we came early. Rajmata greets him and asks for Vijaylaxmi. Rana says she went to her room, did you prepare to leave. Rajmata says you can come here anytime. He says Vijaylaxmi got late, where is Madhav. Rajmata says he is getting ready, what puja did she do. He praises Vijaylaxmi and says she was praying for inlaws, I did some good deeds that I got a daughter like her. Rajmata says Vijaylaxmi is good. Rana says yes, she said she will help Madhav in politics, I promised I will also help him.

Madhav greets his dad’s pic. Rana looks on. Madhavi comes and hugs Rajmata. Rajmata asks Nanny to apply black dot to Madhavi. Rana says how can Madhavi go in marriage, she is going with her mum forever. Madhav and Rajmata get shocked. Madhav asks Rana is he joking. Rana says you think I m joking, its obvious, Madhavi is Vijaylaxmi’s daughter. Madhav says she is my daughter too, I spoke to Vijaylaxmi clearly that Madhavi will stay with me here, she agreed to me, ask her.

Rajmata says Madhav is right, take Vijaylaxmi with you and let us leave. Kamini says fine, I can call Madhav from landline. Rana says I think you have misunderstood Vijaylaxmi, its world’s tradition that child stays with mum, don’t give her another shock, she did not get fine, she is immature, but I m still alive and….. Madhav answers Kamini’s call and says yes, we are leaving, I will talk later. Kamini tells Ragini that Madhav is leaving. Ragini asks Kamini to get ready for shanti puja. Kamini thinks why was Madhav’s mood upset.

Madhav takes Madhavi and asks Rajmata to come, they should leave. Madhav says I wanted to get separated as good friends, I think Rana will not let this happen. Rana asks what do you want to say, Madhavi is not a toy to take her along. Madhav says enough, Madhavi is my life. Rajmata says you know we are getting late, you could have said this before. Rana says you travel in your private jet, nothing won’t happen if you get late, whatever Madhav is doing here will call a disaster, sorry, I won’t be quiet. Madhavi says mumma mumma. Rana asks them to see, girl wants to go to her mum, you should do justice, its your duty. Madhav says enough, don’t explain me, you stay away from our matters. Rana argues and asks Rajmata to think of Madhavi and Vijaylaxmi, Madhavi will cry for her mum, you should think about her. Madhav says just Vijaylaxmi has rights to ask this, she promised me. Rana says I m thinking of Madhavi’s betterment, I don’t know what Vijaylaxmi said, if you have any papers, I will end this topic. Madhav says I will call Vijaylaxmi, else Rana will not shut his mouth, I can understand what he is doing, he came to fill poison in Vijaylaxmi’s mind, he won’t get anything. He goes.

Ragini asks Guru ji about puja items. He says everything is fine, where is Kamini. Kamini comes and sits for puja. Rajmata asks did you get this time to say. Rana says we did not know Madhav will do this, mum has first right on child, you are also a mum and can understand this, Madhav is mad in love. She says why did Vijaylaxmi not say anything. He says she is Devi, she has sacrificed everything, now you want her to sacrifice her daughter as well, Vijaylaxmi is my daughter, I won’t let this happen. Vijaylaxmi recalls the puja and thinks will Madhav and Kamini get married. Madhav shouts Vijaylaxmi and comes there. He asks what’s your dad saying, did we not decide that Madhav will stay with me, why did you not tell him. She says I told him, what happened. Madhav says he is creating an issue and saying Madhavi will go with you. She says he is getting emotional, nothing else. He calms down and says sorry, I told you I just want Madhavi, I will give you everything, please, I can’t give Madhavi to anyone. He cries.

He says we spoke about this, please come and tell truth to your dad. She says I will get ready and come, give me some time. He thanks her and asks her to hurry, they have to leave. She says you are forgetting, I have to leave as well. He says thanks and sorry. He goes. She says till dad calls me, game will be just of dad.


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