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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rana saying Madhav convinced you for accepting Kamini, what will he hear his wife, just think of Madhavi, she will cry for her mum. Guru ji does Shanti puja. Kamini and family prays. Rajmata says my heart is not at peace. Rana asks her to think about Vijaylaxmi, I m afraid anything can happen to her, give me Madhavi, I will not run away. Madhav comes and sees Rana trying to take Madhavi from Rajmata. He shouts Rana Sahab and gets the gun. He points gun at Rana. Rajmata asks him to lower the gun. Madhav says I just spoke to Vijaylaxmi, she does not know anything, this is Rana’s plan. He will be punished for playing politics with a Rajput, I m simple, but it does not mean I will tolerate this. Rana calls Vijaylaxmi and says come fast, I m seeing my death.

Vijaylaxmi comes there and falls down the stairs saying Madhavi. Madhav runs to her and holds. He asks is she fine. Madhavi cries for her. Vijaylaxmi cries and hugs Madhavi. She sees Rana and acts. Rana asks Rajmata to see, children are Lord’s avatar, Madhavi got calm in mum’s lap, Madhav wants to separate them. Madhav gets a call from Pratap. Pratap says departure time is close, why did you not reach. Madhav says do anything and stop the plane, we will reach. Madhav tells Vijaylaxmi that she can come here anytime, but her dad’s black shadow can’t come here, tell him clearly and end this matter.

Vijaylaxmi sends Madhavi. She says its true Madhav clearly said Madhavi will be with him and I said yes. Rana says it means I m fighting a lost war. Madhav asks did you hear it, we will leave now. Rana argues and asks how will we get mum’s lap for Madhavi, how will she stay without Vijaylaxmi. Vijaylaxmi cries. Madhav asks Rana to stop it, I m Madhavi’s father, I know very well how to manage her, I will not let Madhavi cry, Vijaylaxmi can come here anytime and see this. Rana laughs and says after marriage, you will go on honeymoon right, who will be with Madhavi, no mum and dad, just orphan She says enough, if Madhav goes on honeymoon, Rajmata will take care of Madhavi. Rajmata nods. Vijaylaxmi says if she falls ill, call me, I will come and make her fine, I will then leave. Rajmata says we can’t come on any conclusion. Rana says there is just one solution, Madhavi will go with her mum, Madhav can come and meet her anytime.

Madhav says Madhavi will stay here, this is her house. Rana asks Vijaylaxmi not to cry. Madhav says if you touch Madhavi, I will take you to court. Rana laughs. Rana says you are innocent, you don’t know mum gets child’s custody if child is under 5 years. Wind blows. Guru ji say this is not a good sign. Madhav says Vijaylaxmi, I never asked you anything till now, please do this favor on me, take my everything, not Madhavi, I can’t live without her.

Vijaylaxmi asks Rana to let Madhavi be with them, my happiness is in their happiness. Rana asks can Madhavi stay without you, none is imp to me than Madhavi. Rajmata asks the solution. Rana says Madhav has to choose between Kamini and Madhavi. Madhav says so this was your plan to stop my marriage with Kamini, you wanted to use Madhavi.

Rana says you are saying nonsense. Madhav says no, I m saying truth, you are behind the IT raid on Kamini’s house, this can’t be a coincidence. Rana says you can say anything, I will not feel bad, you are in shock ,it does not mean you will say anything against me, I have no enmity with Kamini, if you love Madhavi, you have to sacrifice your second marriage, I heard preparations are happening well. Guru ji says this wind is signing to what I said about Kamini. Kamini lights diya. Arun asks Guru ji to complete the puja, we can’t cancel the wedding.

Madhav says you think if I remarry, my love for Madhavi will get less, wrong, you have problem with my honeymoon. He tears the tickets. He says Kamini and I will not go Europe, we will stay here with Madhavi. Rana says honeymoon is just for 2 weeks, what about the rest of your life, will you break your life too. Madhav says my life will always be named to my daughter, there is nothing imp to me than Madhavi. Rana says not now, Kamini is imp than her now. Madhav says I can’t choose between Madhavi and Kamini, how can a person choose between life and heart, Vijaylaxmi explain him, am I not a good father. Vijaylaxmi says you are a good father, so I agreed, I wish Kamini becomes a good mum. He says she loves Madhavi a lot. Rana says Kamini loves Madhavi, really, if she did, she would have not come in between, I can’t leave Madhavi to her pity, I m sorry, my question will me same, Madhavi or Kamini. Madhav gets worried.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav gets Kamini’s call and tells Rajmata that he can’t talk right now, he has to decide his life’s biggest decision, its my failure, I would better lie to die.