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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rana refusing to apologizing to Rajmata. Vijaylaxmi reminds how he made her apologize to maid in childhood. He says I remember, she held my secrets, it was about my respect. She says you have to save our respect by apologizing to Rajmata, this happens in politics. He laughs and says you went on me, you will name my name shine, I don’t know your motives. Vijaylaxmi says I wlill tell you. He says you went on your mum, I was wrong, you have many secrets. She gets a call. Servant says Madhav and Kamini are fine. She gets angry and ends call. Rana laughs saying your question was wrong.

Ali says how can sweets have poison, who will want to kill a woman and innocent girl. His dad throws the sweets. Ali says this was the proof to tell Madhav. His dad says Madhav should not know this. Ali says someone wanted to kill Kamini. His dad says no, this was just to scare and break courage, not kill, poison was not serious to kill someone, it was done to raise fear and doubt. Vijaylaxmi applies sindoor. His dad says this was a threatening to make Kamini back, but Hina ruined the plan and ate the sweets, the person can fulfill their plan next time.

Its morning, Kamini asks Madhav to take care. He asks what’s the need to go so soon, stay back. She says I m fine, I have much work there. He asks her to go back and do work, media would be missing her more than me. She says they would be writing new stories about me. Arun asks her to come, flight will be missed. Madhav says I wish this flight gets missed. Madhav greets Arun and Ragini. Kamini waves to Madhav. They leave.

Kamini and her parents come home. Kamini says I will leave for work. Ragini asks her not to go. Kamini says I m fine, I m a strong girl. She goes. She gets Madhav’s message and smiles. Sudha and Sasha have a talk at office. Sudha does not like the pizza ordered by Sasha. Shekhar comes and asks them to argue for pizza later, Kamini has come back. Sudha says we know this, with whom did she come back, where did she go. He says you are big journalist, I m your assistant. Sasha says we will know on social media site. Sudha says she is new intern and has lots to learn. Shekhar says she called her producers and gave deadline to finish pending work. Sudha says actors do this before going on world tour. Sasha says there is no such plan, it means she is marrying. Shekhar says yes, her secret lover will come out, we have to print her marriage picture and ask how did you feel getting married. Sasha says we should ask from which designer she took marriage lahenga. Shekhar laughs. Sudha stops Sasha.

Madhav goes to buy a doll for Madhavi. Kamini checks some clothes and calls Madhav. He says I m shopping. She says me too, I m seeing lahenga. He says I m finding a doll for Madhavi, mum is with Vijaylaxmi and Madhavi, I was stuck with Rana, I knew he will bore me so I came here, meeting was good, I feel its a new morning. She asks did you talk anything to Rana. He says Rana has apologized, mum has calm down, did you like anything or not. She says designs are good, but I m much confused, which color suits me. He says any color, my personal fav is pink. The man gets pink dress doll. Kamini says it will look as if I m going on shooting. Madhav says golden.

The man says but we have no golden color doll, we have golden car. Kamini asks what did you talk to Vijaylaxmi. Madhav asks the man what is she showing, when did I say I want golden doll, you just show a lovely doll. Kamini hears him and smiles. He says sorry, I want to please Madhavi, we will always be with her, Madhavi is lucky to have us. He asks how are your parents. Kamini takes selfies with fans and continues talking on call. Madhav says I will call later. The man shows a lovely doll. Madhav asks a little girl about the doll. The girl likes it. Madhav asks the man to pack it.

Arun reads newspaper. Ragini talks of food. He jokes on her that she got royal. She says I don’t get laugh on your Pjs. Kamini comes from shopping. She says I started shopping for marriage, see I got your fav kanjivaram sarees. Ragini says Arun finds me fat in kanjivaram saree. Kamini says finally I m marrying, don’t know when will shooting end. Mili and Anu are on the way. Mili says producers are panicking, how will they manage. Anu says it will be done, Kamini will work double shift, relax.

Mili says Kamini did not tell us anything, why is she in hurry. Anu says yes, Shekhar got hyper, we will fall in problem one day. Mili says she came after many days, we will welcome her well. Ragini asks Kamini not to hurry. Kamini says there is no problem now. Anu and Mili come. Kamini hugs them. Mili says your marriage rumor is spreading. Arun says whose marriage, its just rumors.

Madhav calls Pratap and asks is the work done, good, none should know this, especially Kamini, its my secret which he can’t know. He ends call.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 3rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arun says if media sees your marriage shopping, media will not leave you. Reporters question Kamini. Kamini asks everyone to stop it.