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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav sitting sad. He imagines Kamini and says I knew you will come, see my state. She disappears. Pratap is on the way. Suman calls him and asks where are you. Pratap says I m going to palace, I feel something is wrong, Madhav said we can’t leave and will leave in morning. Its morning, Ragini prays. Laali and Murli get ready. Ragini says call and ask about Madhavi. Arun says maybe they left by now, I will make a call. They see Ragini sleeping near the phone. Ragini says this happens with girls, they lose sleep before marriage.

Arun calls Madhav. Ragini says she will get a sleep. Rajmata answers call. He asks about Madhavi. Kamini wakes up hearing Arun. Rajmata says she is fine, Madhav has come, we are leaving. Arun says we are also leaving for temple, we will meet there. Rajmata worries. Kamini and Ragini get relieved.

Rajmata asks servant about Madhav. He says his door is still shut. She thinks don’t know what decision he made, we have to tell Mathurs before they reach temple. Ragini gets bridal dress and jewelry for Kamini. Ragini says husband is regarded Lord. Kamini asks really. Ragini says if you give him respect, he will regard you Devi, respect is necessary than love, stay happy.

Rajmata goes and knocks Madhav’s door. Pratap comes and looks on. Vijaylaxmi asks what happened. Rajmata says Madhav is not opening the door. Madhav wake up. Pratap asks is he unwell. Madhav sees Madhavi and Kamini’s pics. Madhav opens the door. Rajmata says I was scared, are you fine. She hugs him. Vijaylaxmi asks are you fine. Maid gives phone to Vijaylaxmi. Vijaylaxmi tells Rana that she will call later, Madhav is not fine. Rana says he had to get unwell, our plan should not spoil.

Rajmata says Arun was asking when are we leaving. Madhav cries. Rajmata says we have to tell them, yes or no, what’s your decision. Kamini gets ready in her bridal dress. She smiles. Rajmata asks Madhav to tell his decision. Madhav picks both the photos and cries. Rajmata asks him to give sign if he is not able to say. Madhav sees both the pics. He drops Kamini’s pic. The frame glass breaks. Rajmata and Madhav cry. Vijaylaxmi acts and says I can’t see Madhav crying, trust me, I did not wish this to happen. She smiles and leaves. Madhav apologizes to Kamini. He picks the glass and injures his hand. Kamini sees Madhav’s name in her mehendi and smiles. She thinks this name on hand will fade with time, but the name written on heart can never get erased, even if heart stops beating. Rajmata says I will get ointment. Madhav says its fine, Kamini and I are going through much pain. Rajmata says its tough decision but right, I would have done the same, we have to tell this bitter truth to Mathurs. Madhav says I have no courage to tell them. He switches off his phone.

Ragini asks Laali to get curd and sugar. Arun compliments Kamini. Kamini says I will call Madhav once, then we will leave. Arun says fine, come soon. Kamini calls and gets phone switched off. She says maybe Madhav forgot to charge phone. Madhav says I can’t talk to Kamini, I may change my decision hearing her, I can’t talk to her ever. Rajmata says but we have to tell them, I lied to them that Madhavi is not fine. Madhav thinks I broke my promise, you won’t forgive me Kamini, even I can’t forgive myself.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini waits for Madhav in the mandap. Arun calls Madhav. Rana says this is start of Kamini’s end and laughs.