Love Ka Hai Intezaar 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav hugging Kamini. He says I m not the treasure, this house is the treasure, its our house, welcome in our dream world, welcome home. They dance. She says our house and looks around. He asks did you like it. She says a lot and hugs him. She recalls Ragini’s words. She says I think the time to break the glass has come. He asks what. She says nothing and smiles.

Servant says Rajmata got to know poison matter. Vijaylaxmi says I know, she asked me also, I told her not to talk to Madhav, he will worry, she feels we should solve this. Servant says people can know this. Vijaylaxmi says don’t be scared, this time we lost, I will say how to win. Madhav and Kamini romance. Zehnaseeb …..plays…..He gets breakfast for her. He greets her morning and asks her to wake up. She says who will say you are king of Rajgarh. He says I m just your prince. She asks did you make all this. He says yes, try it, have this coffee.

She tries and signs its bad. He gets sad. She kisses him and says its very nice, I did not know kings are good chefs. He says I went to Oxford as student, had to make everything on own. She asks from where did you buy this tshirt. He says its nice right, I got this from local market for just 700rs. She laughs and says it costs around 100rs, someone has fooled you, I have to teach you shopping for fair rates. He asks her to teach him everything and also decorating their dream house. They go for shopping furniture. Zehnaseeb…….plays…..

Rajmata asks Vijaymata to think again. Vijaylaxmi says I can’t take this risk that someone gives poison to Madhav, sorry. She asks Ali to get all servants. Ali asks is everything fine. She says we came to make things fine, do as I m saying. She asks the servants to pack Madhav’s things, everything that he loves. Servants pack all the things. Madhav and Kamini decorate their house. He plays music. They dance.

Rajmata asks is all this really necessary. Vijaylaxmi says yes, I m doing this to protect Madhav. Rajmata asks did you find out who gave poison to Kamini. Vijaylaxmi says yes. She asks Ali to accept his crime. He asks what. She says I know, you have given the poison to Kamini. Ali and his family get shocked.

Kamini gets food. Madhav asks did you make all these things. She smiles. He says too good. She says don’t be surprised, I m actress, but normal girl too, I cook food. She feeds him food. He says its great, this looks house in real sense now.

Rajmata asks what are you saying, Ali is loyal servant, why will he do this with Kamini. Vijaylaxmi says it was against Madhav, if guest died here, police would have asked Madhav, what about his political career, illegitimate love and murder blame, his career would have ended. She says Ali would have got good price for doing this. Rajmata asks Ali is this true. Ali’s wife says you can’t blame him, our daughter Hina got affected by poison. Rajmata says I don’t think Ali can do this. Vijaylaxmi says it was Lord’s justice, Hina ate that sweets, else who would have stopped Kamini from dying, its Madhav’s good deeds that he got saved and truth came out.

She says Ali has done this, I leave this on you to punish him or not, we should leave now. Ali’s mum says silence makes people hear what they want, my son is silent, as he is in shock, very soon you will also get a shock, you will know your family member is biting everyone in darkness as the snake, I will pray it does not get late till then. Rajmata worries. Vijaylaxmi asks Rajmata to come. They leave.

Pratap says no, it can’t be Ali, his dad is our family doctor, he saved many lives, Ali can give his life for Madhav, he can’t cheat. Rajmata asks why was he silent, maybe Vijaylaxmi is right, everything is changing very soon, royalty is changing to politics, greed is touching new heights. Pratap asks what do you mean. She says maybe Ali thinks we are not royal now, real power is with politicians, maybe he has sold his loyalty for a fat price. Pratap says sorry, I can’t believe this, maybe he was helpless to be silent. Vijaylaxmi comes and says maybe you don’t believe me. She thinks now they will be sure that I m saying right.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vijaylaxmi asks Rajmata to final the designs. Rajmata checks card and reads Vijaylaxmi and Madhav’s fifth anniversary celebrations. Vijaylaxmi thanks her.


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