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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav asking Rajmata to talk to Kamini. Kamini talks to her. She says I m very excited, I feel its like a dream, I want your blessing. Rajmata says my blessing is always with my children. Kamini thanks her and asks her to talk to Madhav, she has to go out. Rajmata asks Madhav to drop Kamini till car I will talk later. Madhav asks are you fine. She says yes, weather is bad. He says I heard about stormy weather forecast of Rajgarh, take care. Rajmata says you too take care. She thinks of Vijaylaxmi’s words. She sees Kamini’s picture on the magazine. She sees Madhav and Vijaylaxmi’s picture.

Pratap comes and asks about her health. She says my bp is low, I m tired and want someone else to decide instead me, the one who has royal responsibility does not get any rest. She cries. Pratap asks are you fine. She says my tears are confused, don’t know to be happy for Madhav and Kamini’s marriage, or be sad for Madhav and Vijaylaxmi’s divorce, she is not able to accept this, what do you think, this is happening right. Pratap says don’t know, its not Madhav’s mistake, Vijaylaxmi is much different, Madhav had tried a lot to adjust, he is happy with Kamini, he tried to fight with his emotions, he told Kamini that he is married, she moved back and did not wish his marriage to end, she is a nice girl, fate united them, I wish Madhav met Kamini before. She says its my mistake, I asked him to adjust in marriage, I thought baby will make things fine, but it did not happen. Pratap says no, Madhav is reason of his life. She says yes, Madhavi is his life. He says yes, Madhav is your life, so you always worry for him. She says thanks, my heart got light talking to you. He says I always regarded you my mum. She says you are also my son. He says why thanks then. She thinks.

Kamini is in book launch. She says one should always listen to heart. The lady thanks her for making her dream true. Madhav waves Kamini and shows the book. She smiles. Shekhar meets her and says I m here to cover book launch, I m not following you. Kamini says its tough to believe this. She messages Madhav about Shekhar. Madhav signs he is coming to her.

Shekhar asks what’s the news of your secret lover, when is your marriage, I want this rumors to be fake, else it will get promotion, but my heart will break. Kamini says no, its just rumors, I will not break your heart, focus on book, have some questions for authors. He says author’s life is not interesting like you. Madhav and Kamini sign each other. Shekhar looks on and says I think I will expose your secret lover. She says overconfidence is bad. He says I feel big news is around. Kamini gives autograph to Madhav. She tells Shekhar that he can’t see news even if its in front of him. Madhav says his name. Kamini writes Madhav, with love, Kamini. Shekhar says we shall bet. Madhav greets Shekhar. Madhav greets the author and takes her autograph. Kamini looks on. Kamini calls out Madhav and says you forgot something. She gives black glasses. He recalls her words.

Madhav says you need this more than me. They smile. Madhav leaves. Kamini poses for pics. Madhav and Kamini have noodles at the food stall. Kamini says its tasty, but oily, I have to start dieting again. Madhav asks my silver plate? She says I will get it. They laugh. Madhav likes the food. Kamini says no one identifies you here, what’s need of glasses. Madhav says you need this, as everyone know you here.

Madhav sings Agar mai kahoon…..and stops Kamini. Constable stops Madhav and asks Kamini is he troubling you. Kamini says no, he is struggling singer, trying to earn. She gives money to Madhav. Madhav asks can I sing other song, you valued my talent. Constable says its public place. Kamini says let him sing, I will not give money again. Madhav says you just smile.

Constable says fine we will let him sing. Madhav sings. They leave. Constable says Kamini is big star, but she is so simple. Kamini and Madhav come home and laugh recalling the incident. Madhav says I was such happy in college days, but not so much. She says yes, I was not there. He says how could I forget. She asks what, phone or wallet. He says I forgot to call Madhavi. She says call now, maybe she is awake. He thanks her. He calls Vijaylaxmi and says sorry, I got late, give phone to Madhavi. She says she is sleeping, shall I wake her up. He says no, I will talk in morning, is everything fine. She says yes, as per plan. She ends call. She sees Madhavi awake and sad.

Madhav recalls Madhavi. He sees Madhavi’s pics. He wishes her good night. Vijaylaxmi thinks the day you are waiting for, I will never let that day come. She applies sindoor.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Madhav answers Mili’s call. Mili asks who is with you Kamini. Vijaylaxmi says Madhavi does not wish to talk to you. Madhav gets shocked.