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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan asking if Mohini had to give room on rent or not, why is she threatening. She says sorry, come in. Ragini asks Mohini not to keep him. Mohini says the people will come to get money. She shows the room to Ayaan. Ayaan says I can see everything, what’s the rent. She smiles. He looks at her and asks how much is the rent. Sh says 25000rs per month. He asks that’s all. She says no, one year advance and two lakhs deposit. He gives her one month advance and says this is my room. She says advance before paperwork. He says I trust you.

Ragini says but we don’t trust you. She says Kamini will get angry, how can you give room without asking name. Ayaan gives his adhaar card and says I m Ayaan Mehta, I came from Dehradun to search for job. Ragini says we will give room on rent to a married couple. He says who said I stay alone, Riya Mehta my wife stays in Dehradun. She will come next week. He shows pic. Mohini looks at him. She asks him to send his details. Ayaan asks her not to give room to anyone. He thanks Mohini. He asks her name. Mohini says I did not say my name, I m Mohini Mathur. They smile seeing each other. He says Mohini is very…… He sees Ragini and says I will see you tomorrow, its late. He goes.

Mohini gives money to Ragini and says we will get electricity home, we can give deposit money to money lender. Ragini says when Kamini knows you kept a guy at home, she will make him leave. Mohini says guest room’s entrance is different, Kamini will not know, don’t worry. Kamini comes home and gets angry. Ragini asks what happened. Ragini says I went to doctor for headache treatment, doctor was looting money, all these men are such. She sees the jacket on sofa. She asks what’s this, it looks a man’s jacket, who came here. Ragini says ask her, its her doing. Mohini says its my jacket, I m playing a man’s role in theatre play. She wears jacket and says I ahve to go for rehearsals.

Ragini stops her and says I don’t like your acting. Mohini says I m doing theatre for experience, I can earn well by big project. Kamini asks her not to do this. Mohini asks why are you saying if Ragini does not have any problem. Kamini says because I m…. She recalls Arun’s words. She says I have seen this world. Mohini goes.

Ragini says I know what you are thinking, she is sensible and brave. Kamini says I was also brave, one incident made me weak. Ragini says I can’t believe you are saying this, you were brave enough to get this child in the world, I told you this child will always remind you of your past, you got bitterness, you don’t trust anyone, you want to put your fears on Mohini, you want to make her like you. Kamini says never, I will save her from every problem, I won’t let her heart break, as broken heart never joins. She cries. Ragini sees Arun’s pic and cries. She says till when will I hide this secret that Mohini is Kamini’s daughter, not sister, what will happen then.

Mohini and Sheetal act in the play. Mohini turns and sees Ayaan. Ayaan waves to her. She says someone waiting for you and your love. She smiles. Ayaan says you are a natural actress, you are really good. She says thanks, your jacket which you forgot at home. He asks why did you call me here to give this, you could have given this at home. She says no, there is a condition I forgot to say, will you have tea. He says sure, if there is any cafe around. She takes him to tea stall. He cleans the bench and sits. She tells him to use separate entrance and be alert, she does not want her sister to know that he is staying at home. He asks why, I m giving rent. She says she hates men, don’t worry, house is big, her room is behind, you won’t face her, that’s all. He says this is crazy, why does she have problem. She says I don’t know, don’t worry I will manage, she is Bollywood actress Kamini Mathur. He says one who retired. She says yes, she is different, don’t worry, I will handle it.

They have tea at the stall. She asks him to have snacks, its good, Dehradun’s snacks are better right, did you not eat snacks before. She tells him about Mussoorie, its close, are you sure you are from Dehradun. He says yes, my schooling happened in Delhi, nice tea. She says my phone is troubling since morning, can you say the problem, you are cell phone engineer. He says sure, actually its screen hanged. She says I told that, what’s the problem. He says I will fix it. She takes her phone back and says you are not cell phone engineer, you lied you are from Dehradun. She catches his lie.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ayaan says you should be happy I m agreeing to all your conditions, none would stay with your mad sister. She asks him to go. He says fine, give my money back. She says I have spent it, I will give next month. He asks where will I stay till next month.

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