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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts Madhav answering Mili’s call. Kamini takes the call and fools Mili that she was practising to talk in man’s voice. Mili says shoot got cancelled today, accident happened on the set. Kamini asks did anything happen to anyone. Mili says no, you are free today, are you with someone. Kamini says you are seeing many magazines these days. Mili asks her to enjoy and ends call. Madhav says we got saved. Kamini says you were disturbing a lot.

He says either of us have to change ringtone. She says no need, its matter of few days now. He says I will talk to Madhavi. He calls Vijaylaxmi and gets number busy. Kamini says call after some time, today I have a holiday. Madhav says its a good thing, do you cook food. She says yes. He says you did not make anything for me. She asks who made cook yesterday. He says I mean something special. She says I don’t know Rajwada food. He says I also make food, I got best cook award in university. She asks him to make sugar paratha. He says its so easy. He tells her to make some dish. She says nothing is impossible for me, I will make it. Madhav kneads flour. Kamini tries to cook. She goes and calls Ragini to ask what to do about besan flour. Ragini asks her to knead flour well and make small balls. Madhav checks recipe online and cooks. Kamini goes back to cook. Madhav keeps his phone aside. He says my sugar parathas will be ready soon, what about your dish. She asks him to have patience. He calls Vijaylaxmi.

Madhav asks her for Madhavi. She says she went to garden with Rana, I will make you talk to her when Madhavi comes back. He says fine, do remember to make a call. Kamini adds much chilli in dish. Madhav comes back. She shows her burnt roti. He sees her dish and says its fine, we will have your dish today.

He drinks water. She says it can’t be so bad. She coughs. He gives her water. She says Amma told me, maybe I did wrong. He asks what’s happening. She says sorry, I just know basic cooking, I did not make complicated items. He says its fine, I lied and read recipe from internet. He says we can’t cook, we will have food outside. She says no, we will have food at my home. She calls Ragini and says we are coming home to have lunch. Ragini says what will I make for him in last moment. Kamini says we will have anything. Ragini asks her to come.

Madhav and Kamini come to her home. He calls Vijaylaxmi and asks did Madhavi come back from garden, its late now. She says yes, she just came, she spoiled her clothes by playing in garden, Nanny is giving her bath. She says make me talk to her. She asks him to have patience. He says fine, I will wait for your call. She smiles.

Madhav likes the food. Madhav smiles seeing Arun giving Gyaan about food. Arun says remember, you can never win over wife. Madhav and Kamini smile. Vijaylaxmi calls him. He asks how are you Madhavi. She says its me, Madhavi does not want to talk to you. He asks why does she not want to talk. She says you did not call yesterday. She is your daughter, she is like you, stubborn, she will do what she wants, when her mood gets fine, I will make her talk. He says fine, thanks.

Kamini says he could not talk to Madhavi since yesterday, he is upset. Ragini shows Kamini’s childhood pics to Madhav. He compliments her. Madhav misses Madhavi. He messages Vijaylaxmi. Arun looks on. He says I spoke to pandit, none will know about marriage. Madhav says its good, sorry I have to make a call. He calls Vijaylaxmi. She makes excuse. He asks for Madhavi. She says she is sleeping.

He asks so soon. She says don’t worry, I will wake her up. She acts like waking up Madhavi. She says she is not getting up, if you were here, you would have seen her angel face, she looks like you when she sleeps. Madhav says let her sleep, I will talk later. She smiles.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kamini says you will meet your bride soon. He says I m going there for Madhavi. Rana says there is one way to stop marriage, Kamini’s death.