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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Ayaan thinking Mohini won’t be sleeping, she would be thinking about me, this night will be longest one for us. They think about each other. Agar tum saath ho….plays…. She thinks why is Ayaan bearing much because of me. Vasu says Ayaan didn’t come home at night. Inder says don’t worry, gold gets shine after getting heated, his love will also get its shine by going through this tough phase, talk to him, but don’t make his morale down.

Inder gets a call and gets shocked. Vasu asks who is it. Its morning, Mohini wakes up and says how did I sleep, is Ayaan still out. She looks for Ayaan. She sees Ayaan sleeping on the bench, covered by some plastic sheet. She gets sad.

Vasu asks what happened. Inder says it was a call from office, CB raided our office. She asks why, what wrong did we do. He says we did big mistake by refusing to Vijaylaxmi’s daughter alliance, she will not smile and keep quiet, she is a minister, she is in power, she is misusing it against me. She asks how can this happen. He says there is an old case, 4000rs Madhur mills land scam. Vasu says that case is solved, you are innocent. He says Vijaylaxmi runs her own court, she did this raid. She says I m worried. He asks her not to tell Ayaan about this raid, he will manage this.

She calls Ayaan. A thief sees Ayaan sleeping and takes his phone. Ayaan shouts thief…. Kamini stops Mohini from going out. Mohini says Ayaan is in problem, someone has stolen his mobile, I will just come. Kamini says Ayaan is doing a drama, let him bear this, why is she worried. Ayaan fights with the thief. Mohini comes out of the house and sees them. Kamini and Ragini come there. Mohini takes Ayaan’s phone from thief’s hand. Ayaan looks at her. Thief pushes Ayaan and runs away. Mohini gives his phone and goes. Ayaan stops her.

Vasu says Ayaan’s didn’t answer, I m worried. They hear door bell and think Ayaan has come. CBI officers come to interrogate Inder. Ragini asks Ayaan to go home. Ayaan says I m sorry if you are having trouble because of me, but I can’t go without getting Mohini. Mohini asks him not to be crazy. Ragini says what will neighbors think seeing you here, please leave. Kamini shouts. She asks Ragini not to beg to Ayaan.

Kamini scolds Ayaan and asks him to go, else she will call police to deal with him. Mohini stops Kamini and asks Ayaan what’s this kiddishness. Ayaan asks her how to win your family’s heart. Kamini calls him a fraud. Ayaan says I m not a fraud, I truly love Mohini. Inder tells about his cousin Harish doing the scam. The officers present the documents. Inder tells them that his signatures were forged by Harish. He asks them to talk to his lawyer. Kamini asks Ayaan not to emotionally blackmail Mohini, you love someone else. Ayaan says its a lie, whatever Mohini has seen, I will call heroine. His phone gets off. He says maybe water went inside the phone. He thinks how to explain them now. Inder worries. Vasu asks what if they arrest you. He says its Vijaylaxmi’s plan, she is trapping me intentionally, she wants to ruin my hardwork. Vasu asks how will we get saved. Inder says there is one way. Kamini asks Mohini to come with her, don’t trust this fraud. She asks Ayaan to remember her warning, police will come to see him. She takes Mohini with her. Mohini sees Ayaan.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inder meets Vijaylaxmi. She threatens him. Mohini tells Ragini about Madhavi. Ragini gets shocked. Kamini scolds Ayaan.

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