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Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini scolding Ayaan. He says you judge me, anyone else would not stay with your mad sister, you should be happy I agreed to your conditions. She says you can’t stay in my house. He says fine, give me my money back. She says I have spent it,, I had to pay bills. The tea stall vendor says then the boy can stay in her house for one month as she has no rent to return. Mohini and Ayaan go. He says sorry I m from Mumbai, I fought with my dad and stayed in rented home. She asks about his wife. He says it was not true. She smiles. He says your mom would not allow me to stay if I did not lie. Se asks him to have corn. He says sorry, my schooling happened in US. She says you have no habit to have street side food, I think you are raised with a silver spoon.

He says my father is rich, not me. She says but you will return to him when your fight ends. He says our fight is long running. He gets the corn and does not know how to eat it. She smiles. He sees how she is eating and eats. He says I m not like I look, I can give you advance and deposit. She says its fine, no need to give deposit without paperwork. He says I trust you, will you trust me. She nods.

It starts raining. They get under an umbrella. He asks where is ATM. She says that way. He says I will withdraw cash and give you. She asks whose that girl, you showed her pic as your wife. He says cousin, why did you ask. She says she is very pretty, that’s why, come. They hold hands. She says ATM has come. He says ya, come, how will you stand out in rain. She says no, I will stand here, just one person is allowed inside, if I see your pin then, so much trust is not good. He says okay then, I will just come back. He turns and sees her. She smiles. He asks her to come in, she will get drenched in rain. She signs no. He says I will change pin, come in. She comes inside the ATM.

She tries to shut the umbrella. He shuts it and gets hurt. She holds his hand out of worry. They have an eyelock. Mohini comes home and says it was very rainy today. Kamini asks from where are you coming. Mohini says theatre. Kamini says I called Sheetal and she said you left after lunch break with a guy, who was he. Mohini asks are you spying on me. Kamini says I called Sheetal as your phone was not connecting. Mohini says that guy is an actor, he wants to work in play, why are you asking me, you are not letting me change. Kamini asks what’s happening, since when are you meeting her. Mohini says I will not tell you. Kamini says I told you Amma to keep her away from theatre. Mohini says you will cage me as your state.

Kamini asks what wrong am I doing, Mohini has to know world is bad, she never faced problems. Mohini says I have all financial tensions, are you facing all this, our bank balance is in minus, I m still paying for loan for mum’s knee surgery, stop doubting on world, world is not so bad, Karanveer, Anu and Mili were not bad people, they all left us because of your doubting nature, I have seen Kamini like this, always negative thinking, thank God my mum is not such, else I could not life. Kamini cries and apologizes. She goes.

Mohini says I will take food for Kamini, she is annoyed with me. She asks Kamini to open the door, sorry, producer got tv serial offer for you, are you coming out. Kamini comes out in anger and says no man can come to my house, where is he. Mohini pulls her cheek and says door opened. Mohini makes her smile. They feed each other.

Mohini tells Ragini that they have to send Kamini out of home tomorrow when Ayaan comes home. Its morning, Mohini asks Kamini to go for a walk. Kamini says I don’t like going out, have breakfast. Ragini says a new temple is made, will you come to see Kamini. Kamini says you know my belief on Lord ended since 20 years. Mohini asks why did you not go temple since my birth, were you hurt.


Love Ka Hai Intezaar 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ayaan dances on Nashe si udgayi…. Mohini says Ragini and Kamini can come anytime. Mohini and Ayaan hide on seeing Kamini.

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