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Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 27th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Parvati asks Rati where is my baby’s seed? Rati says this all happened because of me, first I cursed you and then I couldnt protect your seed. Parvati says Kamdev you have brought you end by provoking a mother, this Mahakali is going to burn your ashes too. Parvati takes Mahakali’s avatar in anger, she is fuming in anger.
Kamdev is running behind Indradev to get the seed. Kamdev says you cant run for much time, I will get you. Kaali arrives and breaks out fire everywhere with her anger.

Mahabali says I will finish everything. He tries to attack but is thrown away. All look to see Vishnu coming there, all smile seeing him standing against Mahabali, Mahabali says come on Vishnu, Vishnu says I wont go against Shiv’s amenity but I will stop you for sure. He attacks Mahabali with his weapon. shumbh and Nishumbh comes there, they tell Mahabali that Kamdev is behind Parvati’s seed and Mahakali is behind him, they all look on. Mahabali says to shumbh and Nishumbh that you handle things here, I will go behind Kamdev and finish the one that can kill me if become alive, he leaves. Lakshmi asks Vishnu to leave and says I wont disappoint you, I will handle things here, you go and protect mother’s baby, Vishnu nods and leave. Saraswati says to shumbh and Nishumbh that you both will have to fight women in your evil path, they start fighting with them.

Mahakali is running behind Kamdev. Indra is running away with seed, Kamdev is is about to catch the seed from him but Kaali comes there and screams at Kamdev. Kamdev stops and stares at her. Kaali says I have the power to burn this place to ashes, what you have done is starting of your end. Kamdev smirks not scared of her.

Shiv feels something at his den. He sees flashback of everything, how Kamdev is behind seed, how Kaali is behind him, he makes a decision. He comes to his followers, Nandi says we tried to stop Kamdev but we couldnt. Shiv says Kamdev has brought his death on him, he has provoked a mother, he has to bear Mahakali’s wrath.

Kamdev says to Kaali that you cant kill me, I am wrath side of Kamdev, I have fire instilled in me like Mahakaal and nobody can cut mahadev’s fire, be it Mahadev’s trishul, Vishnu’s spinner or Mahakali herself.

Indra is running with seed, he falls down and says I am built from fire but still I cant bear this seed’s power, my end is coming near, I wont be able to hold this seed for much longer, I need you help Maha Parvati.
Kaali is glaring at Kamdev but hears Indra calling out for help. She hears him calling to help him to protect her seed.
Mahakali helps Indra invisibly. Indra suddenly sees a vast river infront of him that Kaali brought to help him.
Kaali blows fire ball at Kamdev but it doesnt affect him, she blows fire at him again but he gets up again and smirks at her. Kamdev says you are wasting your time, you will get tired. Kaali blows another ball at him and he vanishes, she smiles.

Indra is running towards river. He screams for Devi Ganga. Water stirs and Devi Ganga comes out of water. She says to Indra and fire and water have animosity since ages then why you have come to me today? Indra says when it comes to responsibility, water and fire becomes one, fire burns some and Ganga purifies some/

Kamdev reappears infront of Kaali again, she glares at him. He approaches her and says just accept that you will get tired of trying to finish me. Kaali looks behind him, Kamdev looks behind and sees angry Shiv coming there, he looks on. Shiv glares at him.

Indra says to Devi Ganga that I protected Shiv and Parvati’s heir as far as I could but I cannot bear this strength anymore, you have to protect Parvati’s heir now, keep it safe. Devi Ganga looks at seed and says my sister Parvati’s heir? Indra says Kamdev is behind it, this has come to world to protect the world, you have to keep it away from Kamdev, please protect it. Indra is losing his power, seed falls from his hand, he pushes it towards Ganga, she takes it from his hand and smile but suddenly feels herself getting weaken, she says I cant bear its power too but I have to protect my sister’s heir.

Mahabali is searching for seed and Kamdev in jungle. He sees Devi Ganga holding it. He says so Indra gave seed’s protection to Ganga. He sees Ganga taking away seed. Vishnu comes behind Mahabali and thinks that if I cant kill him then I can atleast stop him, he creates boundaries around Mahabali so he cant go behind Ganga. Mahabali looks around in jungle and is lost as Vishnu have closed all paths to leave the jungle.

Kamdev says to Shiv that what you will do now? you burned me alive, I was your loyal follower when I as alive but now I am dead and became problem for you, I have come as your curse, will you burn me again? you cant do it, try yourself. Shiv gets angry hearing it. He shivers in anger and his forehead burns red. Mahakali gets scared too and shakes her head, Kamdev leaves, Mahakali asks him to calm down, he looks in her eyes and tries to calm down, he closes his eyes and calms himself. Kaali looks at him worriedly. Shiv says why did you let him go? Kaali closes her eyes and calm down, she takes Parvati avatar again. She says to Shiv that he would get what he wanted if you became angry, Kamdev have your type of fire power and if both power had a fight then whole universe would have been destroyed and our heir would have been finished, he is right that we couldnt go behind him but a power that is above all will follow him now, that is a mother’s power, you said that you believe in woman’s power so do you have any doubt about your wife’s strength? trust me Kamdev’s end is for sure and I will bring his end, a mother’s power is going to finish this evil, Shiv smiles proudly.

Scene 2
Devi Ganga is passing water with Parvati’s seed. Kamdev comes there and sees her with seed. He glares at her and says give this seed to me, she is tensed. He attacks her and snatches seed from her, he takes seed in his hands and smiles.
Mahabali is still lost in jungle, Vishnu has made him lost the path. Mahabali says why I am not able to cross this jungle? is this Vishnu’s trap? he uses his power and breaks Vishnu’s trap. He gets to know telepathically that Kamdev have got Parvati’s seed, he says now its going to be fun.

Kamdev have seed in his hands and he cant be more happier. Seed is turning blue from orange. All come there. Parvati arrives there too with Shiv. They see Kamdev with the seed. Kamdev says to Shiv that you turned me to ashes and now I will finish Shiv’s heir, nobody can stop me because I dont have any body to be killed. Parvati says fool every mother is a Mahakali as Mahakali is a mother, Mahakali has many avatars because Mahakali has many powers, you are hurting a heir of a mother, you are going to regret this so much that you would never try to hurt baby of any mother, your end is set now. Parvati takes another avatar, all look on. Shiv smiles. Parvati grown ten times in size. One follower says she is sundari. Kamdev says you cant kill me because I am not a body, I am just ashes. Parvati says what if you get a body? you are proud to not have a body but body is created with our power, we give bodies, now see how I give you a body.

Lakshmi gets to know telepathically that Mahakali is going to finish Kamdev, she says to shumbh and Nishumbh that see Mahakali is going to finish the evil, shumbh and Nishumbh gets tensed and kleaves from there.

Parvati says to Kamdev that trust gives birth to everything. She gives body to Kamdev’s soul, Parvati fills him using her powers, she uses all the mixtures like water, fire to create his body again. Parvati raises her archery and hits Kamdev with her powerful arrow, Kamdev starts burning. Parvati says I have created your body again and now you can be finished, this is your end Kamdven.


Mahakali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahabali says to Shumbh and Nishumbh that I have the cut protection layer and now we will rule over this universe, he laughs evilly. Voiceover says that Mahakali starts angry Tandev after losing her baby, will Mahakali get her lost baby again or will whole universe be destroyed?

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Mahakali Details

Mahakali — Anth Hi Aarambh Hai (English: Mahakali – The end marks the beginning) is a Hindu mythological television show, that airs on Colors TV.

The show is based on the story of Goddess Adi Shakti and focusing primarily on Parvati and Mahakali and on her other incarnations and manifestations, Mahakali is based on the stories and anecdotes taken from the Devi Bhagwatam Purana, Devi Mahatmyam and Kalika Purana.


Nimai Bali
Pooja Sharma
Meghan Jadhav
Vinita Joshi
Saurabh Raj Jain
Nikita Sharma
Kanan Malhotra
Falaq Naaz
Nikhil Arya
Rohit Bakshi

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors Tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 45 Min