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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Scene 1
Sahib says to Mahan I have arranged a celebration for the boys enrolled in the training camp. Mahan says I will come for sure. Sahib says with family. Mahan is silent. Sahib says if you want I can talk to Ranjit. He is like a son to me as well. Mahan nods.
Sahib says to Ranjit your dad can’t meet you right now. He is very busy.

Veer asks a man the way. He walks with Ranjit. The spy says in heart he is Veer Singh I have to be careful. The spy says I like playing trumpet when I am alone. Veer says but you are not alone I am with. Anyway you can play it. He plays the trumpet. Abdullah and other spies get alerted that Veer is with him. When they come in that direction they see the spy dead.
Veer said to the spy Ghulam’s men play this to alert each other. He stabbed the spy with his own trumpet. Abdullah says Veer Singh I could kill you today. But you ran away.

Scene 2
The celebration has began. Sahib welcomes all the boys. He says to Roop I will choose Ghulab’s friends. Jai, Sada, Mehatab and Gurwaksh come. Sada says we are all so proud of Ghulab. Sahib says my son is so perfect. Gurwaksh says this celebration should have been for Ranjut. Mahan comes there with Raj. He says its was my decision not to enroll Ranjit and I still stand by it.
Sada says to Mehtab are you looking for Ghulab? Mehtab says no. Someone else. He is here. Mehtab goes to Ranjit. She says thank God you came. Ranjit says Mai Vajero says we should celebrate happiness of others. I also wanted to apologize. I was rude to you. Mehtab says I accept your apology.
Ghulab comes. Ranjit says congrats Ghulab. Ghulab says I wanna show you something. He says these swords are made for the boys who are enrolled. Ranjit sees the sword. Ghulab says you see what you lost. Ranjit gives it back to him.
Another boy gives him a sword and says you can keep it. Ranjit takes it and it breaks. It was of sand. Everyone laughs at him. Mehtab says what is wrong with you all. Ranjit says its okay I didn’t mind. We Singhs make gold out of sand.

Mahan says to Gurwaksh please forget what happened. Jai comes and says there is a news.
Mehtab says to Ranjit Ghulab planned all this. Ranjit says let it go.
Jai tells them that a man was found and he was Afghan. He was a seller of horses. He was a spy. Mahan says I called horses from Iraq. That Ram Singh told me his friend had to come but he didn’t. Gurwaksh says but who could kill that spy? Jai says we can’t say but the way he was killed, he was stabbed from his own trumpet. Mahan says who can it be? There is something wrong.

Ranjit and boys are playing catch the ball. Mehtab appreciates Ranjit. The ball climbs up the pillar. Ghulab says lets all climb on each other’s shoulders and pick the ball. Ranjit should be below everyone according to results. Mehtab says no. Ranjit says its okay. ranjit bows down and all the boys climb on his back. Ghulab is on top. He is about to pick the ball. Ghulab falls but Ranjut saves him. Ranjit says being the lowest is not the weakest. Ghulab says you taught me another lesson today. The man asks them to come inside.

The function starts. Host says we present you all the boys. But first we will show you a story. A lion, who fought all his enemies to protect his village. Mehtab says he is talking about Mahan and Peer’s fight. The host says then there was a small lion was born in his house. Then a turn came in the story. THe small lion was of no use. He use to cry instead of roar. He used to lose. The big lion tried to teach him a lot but the son lion couldn’t do anything. he ruined all the hopes. His father had to fight all the battles in this age. The old lion started losing. All the boys laugh. One says Ranjit you and your dad will be the same. Truth is bitter. You are a cat not a lion. This will happen to your dad. Ranjit gets mad and starts beating him. He says am I weak? Raj tries to stop ranjit. Mehtab says leave him ranjit please but ranjit keeps beating him. Sahib asks his man to call Mahan. Mahan comes an stops Ranjit. He slaps him. Everyone is shocked.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Mahan says you couldn’t get into camp.
So you got violent? Ranjit says its not like that. Mahan says shut up. From tomorrow the training will start and ranjit will go there as trainees’ servant.

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