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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Mahan says how dare you hit someone? Ranjit says I had a reason. Mahan says reason like horses were suffocating in the stable so I let them go? You are forgetting everything in anger. Ranjit says you are wrong. Mahan says lower your tone. Mahan apologizes everyone. He says there was some shortcoming in our up bringing. Gurwaksh says let him say something. Mahan says he will be punished. From tomorrow training are starting and Rnajit will go there as servant of the trainees. He will clean their horses, swords and bring them whatever they need. The boys who are chosen to be nation’s star, he is jealous of them. Mehtab says this is unfair. Gurwaksh says stay in your limit Mehtab.

Sada says to Gurwaksh Mahan can see how stupid his son it. He doesn’t even listen to you. Gurwaskh says stop it.

Scene 2
Mahan and his men discuss the ways from which Afghan’s can enter punjab. Mahan is lost in thoughts. He says whatever I did was right.. I did what.. He realizes they are discussing something else. Lakhpatrain says we should leave him alone for some time. They all go.

Raj knocks at Ranjit’s door and says please open the door. We couldn’t sleep either. I want to say your mom is with you. I know your dad is being unfair. I saw what happened there. Are you hearing? Why are you not saying anything? SHe goes in. Ranjit is not there. Raj asks Aziz where is ranjit? Ranjit says he left in the morning.

Ranjit prepares the swords of trainees. He is working as the servant. Sukhi Singh says we could do this. Ghulab says ranjit can do this better. Ranjit serves them their swords. Ghulab says we are here to learn it and you are here to clean them.
Mehtab waves at Ranjit. She has brought sweets and food. He says I am here to serve not for this feast. She says I brought this all for you. You have to eat. Let me serve you.
They both sit down to eat it. A trainee says ranjit bring me my sword. Mehtab says he can take himself. Ranjit says this is my job. The guy says it makes me so happy to see you serve. Ranjit says we Sikhs love to serve. He says then dal ji has chosen more serving for you.
Ranjit does all the heavy work and tasks at the camp. Dal Singh says your dad said you can’t get help for these heavy tasks and will do them alone. Ranjit does them.

Dal says to the trainees you all will need to fight a wild animal and whoever beats him will becomes nation’s star. They all pick their swords.

Abdullah and other spies are looking for Veer. Ranjit comes back to Mehtab. She washes his hands. He says someone asked you to stay away from me? Mehtab says why? He says because you do what you are asked not to do.

Dal takes all trainees to jungle. Ghulab has lost his sword. Ranjit sees his sword and takes the sword towards him. Mehtab says why are you taking risk for him? Ranjit says because we are one people and one team. Mehtab says please stop but ranjit goes towards the jungle. Veer is in jungle. He hears people walking. They are Abdullah and his men. Veer hides behind a tree. Abdullah’s men see a lion. Ranjit is walking there to give sword to Ghulab.

Ghulab is in jungle and sees a lion. He is scared.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mehtab gives Ranjit his sword and falls in front of the lion. Ranjit picks the sword.

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