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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Maharaja Ranjit Singh 13th April 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Scene 1
Mahan asks all his men to spread in all directions and find out what is happening. He says we found two dead bodies in two days and we have to find out what is happening in this city. Gurwaksh says one mistake can get us all in trouble. All of his men vow to be careful.
Gurwaksh comes to Mahan. He says I know you more than you. Do you wanna say something? Mahan says I know you are upset because of my behavior with ranjit. Gurwaksh says yes but not much that I will leave you alone. Mahan hugs him. Mahan says you eased this burden from my heart. Gurwaksh says don’t say that.

The soldiers are keeping a check on everyone. Abdullah asks his men to hide and says we have to be careful. We will find Veer.
A man announces that the sword fighting competition is back in Gunjrawala. Fight out expert fighters and win a prize. Abdullah says this will keep us safe from the soldiers.

A guy tells Ghulab that Ranjit cut the tree with one shot from ax. Ghulab comes to Ranjit. Ranjit says are you still mad? Ghulab says I came here to thank you. Ranjit says for what? He says for saving me from lion. Ranjit says I could fight 10 lions for you. Ghulab says I was a bit upset. Ranjit says about? Ghulab says I want to participate in sword fighting competition. But I can’t find a partner. Their fighters are famous in the world. Whoever wins that get famous in all Punjab. Ranjit says in heart maybe by winning this I can win father’s heart. ranjit says can I be your partner for this competition? He says yes. Ghulab says in heart so fool he is.
The competition has beaten 20 fighters from the city. The host says is there anyone who can fight our expert fighters and beat them? Ranjit and Ghulab come. ranjit says we will fight them. Ghulab says in heart he doesn’t even know that he will fight alone.
They both come in the ground. The host says its not kiting. Come back when you have a beard. Ghulab says power is in arms not beard. Our four arms together can beat anyone. The host says okay then come forward.
The sword fighting starts. Ranjit and Ghulab try to save themselves. Ranjit says remember the lecture of Dal Singh. their power is of those tree. Hit them with the power with which you hit the tree. They both get up and fight them. Ranjit recalls Dal’s lecture. The host says first time someone is giving our fighters a tough time. Ranjit beats down one of them and his sword falls. The spies are hidden in the crown. Ranjit leaves his sword as well. Ghulab says what did you do? Ranjit says we will fight on equal basis. Now they don’t have swords so we will fight without sword as well.
The fight starts again with hands. Ranjit and Ghulab beat them. One of them punches Ranjit on head and he feels like fainting. His head bleeds. Ghulab falls down too. He says you can’t lose. Ranjit stands up again. Ghulab pretends that he has fainted. He says in heart now you will be beaten by them Ranjit. I will get up and win this. Ranjit falls too. The host says lets see who can get up. He counts 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Ghulab gets up. He says the real soldier is the one who falls down and gets up. Ghulab fights the fighters. He says I am enough to beat you down. Please praise him. Ghulab says if there is a name that will stay alive here will be of Ghulab singh. He says to Ranjit are you okay brother? He says in heart Ranjit more than your face, your self confidence is hurt.

Abdullah says to his men that this competition saved us and told us that those boys are powerful. I have promised Ghulam that I won’t let veer reach Mahan. He has only one way. In the lake.. After that he will enter the village. After the village he will enter the tunnel. He doesn’t know at the end of the tunnel I am awaiting him.
The owner of sword fight competition comes to meet Mahan. He says I am sorry. Mahan says for what? He says we let Ranjit and Ghulab fight in the competition. I didn’t know at that time that he is your son. Mahan says what are you saying.. He says Ranjit’s mala. It fell there. He fought very well but fell in the end. Gurwaksh says he lost? Gurwaksh says his partner won it for both of them. Gurwaksh says who was his partner? Ranjit comes in and says it was Ghulab. After I fell Ghulab won the competition. Raj says your head is bleeding. Mahan stops her. Mahan looks at Ranjit.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranjit says if a man wants he can find a coal in dark. He meets Veer and says please make me your apprentice. Veer says are you ready? Ranjit says yes. Veer says I don’t think so. He shoves ranjit and ranjit falls in lake.

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