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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit says I will fulfill the promise I made to you Gurwaksh uncle. Mahan comes there. Mahan says why God made me reason of my brother’s death. He takes the sand in his hands. Mahan is crying. Ranjit says be strong. Mahan says my strength is gone. Ranjit says we promised to take care of his family. Mahan says how are they? Ranjit says they are mad at us.
Mahan says we have to protect them. Mahan says I have decided I will go to darbar for some days. Only God can give me peace now. He leaves. Ranjit says I will protect both states. Mahan leaves.

Ranjit sees an army coming. He says who are they? They are going towards Kaniya. they are Gurwaksh’s step brothers. They come outside Kanaiya palace. He says Sada and Jai give us the state. Bow down to us before morning or you will be killed. Mehtab says what is all this. Jai says they are gurwaksh’s step brothers Nidha Bhag and their army chief Bhawan. Ranjit says I have to do something.

Nidhan says you all have to leave this palace. I will count till three. Ranjit comes and says you came on right time. He says who are you? Bhawan says he is Mahan’s son. Nidhan says is he our enemy or friend? Ranjit says I am with you. He says but why? rAnjit says I want to seek revenge for my insult. I know them inside out. SHake hand with me and none of your army would die. You can’t do inside I will go inside. nidha can come with me. We will give Jai our conditions. Think and decide. He goes inside with Ranjit.
Mehtab says what is Ranjit doing here. He stooped so low. Mehtab takes her sword and says you came here as an enemy so will be welcomes accordingly ranjit. you have to face me. Sada says stop. Control your emotions. Let them come. Ranjit says Nidhan and I are not here to fight but we will if needed. Nidhan wants to discuss few things. accept his condition to stop this war. We will count till five open the doors. Ndihan says they won’t open the door. Ranjit says lets go in. They go inside.

Jai says you came with him ranjit? Ranjit says couldn’t say no. Have to seek revenge for our insult. Give nidhan this palace and leave it. Nidhan says yes give us all the wealth. Sada says this our state. If Gurwaksh was alive they couldn’t even enter here. Nidhan says but he has died. This is all ours now. Jai says that wont ever happen. We are not scared of your enemy.


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