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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update ann Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th April 2017 video watch online On

Scene 1
Mahan asks Ranjit you got injured and it hurt me. He fell on ground and I feel weak. Learn from your defeats. I wonder when will you walk towards light. You don’t care about me or this country but at least think about your mom. You have locked you thinking in a dark place. Gurwaksh says please speak up Ranjit. Ranjit leaves.
Ranjit washes his face and recalls how Ghulab provoked him. Mehtab gives Ranjit sweet and says your mom sent it. He says you know God’s greatest blessing is mom. He says you know what happened. I don’t understand how did Ghulab win? Was it his game. You should tell everyone about him. Ranjit says you know what this place is in map? This is Khyber by pass. And the guard of this by pass can’t waste time in nagging. I can’t waste time on small things. He says time answers itself. And you should go home. Its late. Mehtab leaves.

Scene 2
Sahib says to Ghulab you have won two missions. You broke Ranjit’s self confidence and Mahan doesn’t believe in him anymore. Ghulab says he is totally broken. He won’t participate in anything now.
Ranjit looks at sky and says we are always under blessing of God. No one can know me better than nature. Nature knows my intentions then why can’t I prove myself? Why am I falling again and again. Please tell me how become able to save this country. Please help me God.
Ranjit says this started after I saw that talented man. All these questions arose after I saw him. I am coming to look for answers.

Veer is crossing the cave. At the other end Abdullah and his men catch him.

Ranjit comes in the jungle. He hears noise and says who is this at this hour here? Veeris fighting the spies. Veer sees them fighting. Abdullah says you can’t go to Mahan. We will not let you go. Veer says you can’t stop. I will tell Mahan your and Ghulam’s plans. He snatches the sword from them. Abdullah. Veer goes after them but Ranjit says stop. I know you don’t know me. Veer says you are Mahan’s son Ranjit. Ranjit says I need a favor from you. Veer says what can I give to a sardar like you? Ranjit says your talents. He bows down and says please make me your apprentice. If you know who I am then you would know I am bit lost from my way. Please show me a way and light. He says light has some troubles from me. You have come to a wrong person. Ranjit says I can see how talented you are. Please give me one chance and I will learn everything from you. Veer says okay I will give you one chance. Veer says a leader has to stay active all the time. Ranjit says I am ready. veer shoves him and says I don’t think so. He shoves him in the lake. Veer says if you were ready you would have been alert. Ranjit says but I want to be a leader. Veer says stop looking at it as an ambition. It will just be an illusion. Veer says where are you and what time is it? Ranjit says in this dark jungle’s lake and the third part of the night. Veer says wrong but you are not ready. The question is not easy but the answer isn’t. So tell me again where are you and what time is it? Ranjit says I am in this moment. And time is also this moment. The present. Veer says right. Learn to live in the moment thats the first lesson. Don’t think about tomorrow. He gives Ranjit hand and ranjit comes out. Veer says a good leader doesn’t fight with emotions and is calm. From tomorrow I will start training you at this time. Veer says in heart I can’t tell him about Ghulam’s plan, I have to do that myself. Veer says don’t tell anyone about this training. i will tell on time.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gurwaksh says what has been stolen? Sada I will talk to sardar of this country. She comes to Mahan’s palace and says I and my daughter have been paying for your favors. But for how long?

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