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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Jai says we are not scared of your army. Nidhan says I have your blood too. Lets see who has more power. Lets go ranjit. Ranjit says nidhan I think we should give them some time. Ranjit says Jai we give you one day. Leave this palace. or this battle will start. Jai says start is today. Nidhan says we have to start the battle. Ranjit says no we will give them one day to prepare. Mehtab says you have stooped so low Rnajit.
Sada says why one day? Mehtab says I am sure he is playing another game. Sada asks her army to be prepared. She leads them.

In camp, Bhawan says We are all prepared. Sada asks her army to be ready. Bhawan is asking for money. He says I will ask money per soldier. Nidhan says we will think about it. Bhawana says if you don’t pay me I won’t fight. Nidhan says this is all because of your ranjit. Ranjit says money is a power. If I were you I would spend this money. Nidhan asks bhawan to come. He says we will pay you. Rnajit says what has a business. Rental army. Bhawan says my army will do anything for money. Ranjit says anything? He says yes.

Mehtab recalls her time with ranjit. She says everything between us is over.
At night, Ranjit sees Nidhan’s brother taking out money from the trunk.

Scene 2
In the morning, Ranjit says to Nidhan the doors of the palace are open. He says this means Jai is giving up. Nidhan says wow you are so wise. They go inside. Nidha says this means that you have given up. This crown is ours. Ranjit says stop. The one who will on throne is one who deserves it. Nidhan says what? Ranjit says you can’t be a ruler by just sitting on the throne. You couldn’t be of your dad and brother. How can you be of this state? Nidhan says what? Ranjit says don’t shout. The throne you want to take from your brother.. it can only be earned. Only jai deserves to sit on it. And after that if there was someone it was Gurwaksh. Everyone is dazed. Nidhan says how dare you insult me? Ranjit says how dare you attack on them? They are my family. Anyone who attacks them has to attack me. They order their army to detain ranjit. None of the soldiers hear. Ranjit says detain them. The soldiers come forward and detain them. Nidhan says you are my army not Ranjit’s. Ranjit says never trust a man who only wants money. Nidhan says how you did all this?

Ranjit stole their jewels and gave that money to Bhawan. He asked him not to risk his army. Jai says opening doors didn’t mean giving up. Ranjit sent me a letter and said I should talk to you once. You two will be punished and ranjit will decide that.


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