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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit says their punishment is already decided. Its pardon. Sada says no how can we let this happen. Nidha will attack us again. Ranjit says we should think about a father who has lost on son already. He can’t lose. Nidhan says he never considered us his sons. They stood against you for need. Sada says Ranjit you better not interfere in our matters. Ranjit says I don’t want to. I am getting solution for a dad. They will stand by their father in need. Sada says what if they don’t? Ranjit says then we will battle against them.
Jai gives them Bhag and Nidhan two areas and 10,000. Nidhan says to Ranjit we are thankful. You are great. Ranjit says justice is great.

The girl tells mehtab that everything is fine. Ranjit solved it all. Mehtab says don’t take ranjit’s name in front of me. I hate him. Where was he when my dad was attacked? No matter what he does he can’t fool me again. I hate him.

Scene 2
Dal comes to Mahan. He says you have left your palace alone. Mahan says Ranjit is there.
Dal says someone needs to look after it. Mahan says ranjit will take care of the state. Dal says isn’t he too young? Mahan says don’t judge him from age. Judge him from wisdom. Don’t worry ranjit will handle everything.
Dal says I will how does he handle it.

Dal comes to sahib and tells him. He says we need to plan something. Dal says we have to defeat that ranjit.

Raj reads a message from Ranjit. She says I am so proud of him. We will welcome him when he comes.
Prayers for Gurwaksh are on going. Ranjit is there too. Raj says I am going to Jai’s palace. We will come back. A man comes and dies in front of Raj. Soldiers are being killed outside. Dal comes to Raj and says some forces have attacked the palace. Raj says this is my house I won’t go from here. The army enters inside. Raj locks her room. She hears people screaming and crying outside.
Mehtab recalls her moments with Gurwash. She cuts her hand. It bleeds. Ranjit comes and says what are you doing. She says you shouldn’t care? I don’t need anything after dad? Don’t give me support. You are responsible for his death. Ranjit says punish me. But there is one promise that I made. I made it to your father. That I will protect. She says I don’t need your fake promises. He says your hand is bleeding. She says don’t touch me. Go from here. You have no right on me. I hate you. She leaves. Ranjit says all your pains are mine.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A soldier tells ranjit about attack on his house. Raj is hidden in her room.