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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ghulam says I wanna know who taught you? Ranjit says a true man is never alone. Angels are always with him. Like that I have an angel with me. Raj says I am so proud of you ranjit. He says why are your eyes wet? You taught me that all the pains in the battle are jewels to a fighter. MAhan says today I can proudly call you son. Today there is a celebration in our house. Gurwaksh says no the celebration will be in our palace. Mahan nods.
Gurwaksh says to Ghulam you gave ranjit a tough fight but ranjit was better than you. Ghulam says I let him win because I knew it was his dream. I can defeat in him real grounds. He leaves.

Scene 2
The celebration starts. Mahan says he became my star when he saved those women. Gurwaksh says he saved my daughter too. He won the competition as well. Ghulam gave him a tough competition. SAhib says he couldn’t stand in front of Ranjit. Gurwaksh says no he earned my respect by the way he fought. I think we should invite him too. Mahan says this can’t happen. You are emotional. In politics you should think from both heart and mind. Lets celebrate. Gurwaksh is unhappy.
Sahib comes to him and says if you don’t mind may I say something? Gurwaksh says yes. Sahib says I just wanna say don’t mind what Mahan said. He is very happy and proud today.
Its about time Ranjit wants to be in politics. Mahan will replace your place in his life with Ranjit. If you had a son you would have done the same.

Ranjti says to Mahan I saw the stamps on the weapons. They were sent by Britishers. Mahan tells all the sardars about it. Everyone is dazed. Jai says this means Britishers are helping the enemies of Punjab. Mahan says yes. They have a bigger mission. They are preparing for a war.

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Scene 3
Brandson tells Adam that ranjit ruined all of their weapons. He says no. Do you understand what it means? If he sees the east indian company stamp he can ruin our mission. We want to divide Sikhs. I hope this information doesn’t unite them.
Ranjit says we should unite. Jai says Ranjit is right. Sahib says ranjit is aa fresh blood. we shouldn’t mind taking advice from him. If Gurwaksh doesn’t mind. Gurwaksh says what steps should we take ranjit? Ranjit says we should be strict to our own people. Who do not treat people under them well. I have seen those women and girls suffering. I am very young. I want to call someone here in front of you.

Guddo’s mom comes in. Ranjti says she is one of the women who were kidnapped. Tell what happened. She says this is old habit. Women are kidnapped by thugs. No one ever helped us. First time someone from a state came to help us. Ranjit says their protection is our responsibility which we couldn’t do. We have answer them. Tell us Beeji. Under which state your village falls? Don’t be scared. She says Kanaiya state. Everyone is dazed.
Gurwaksh says Ranjit.. You are accusing my dad? You are calling your granddad wrong? Beeji leaves. Gurwaksh says what do you wanna say? That we can’t protect our people? ranjit says I am blaming one. Gurwaksh says we should talk how old we are. Mahan says ranjit you made a mistake. Apologize. Gurwaksh says mistake? You have insulted me and my dad. You think only you can protect your people. Jai says he said it by mistake. ranjit says no I didn’t say it by mistake. I said it in my senses. I am sorry if it hurts you. But I wont’ apologize for my suggestion.

Gurwaksh says this is our star of the nation? He is leaving in anger. Mahan says stop brother.
Mahan says to Ranjit take your words back. Apologize. You didn’t listen what I said? Ranjit says if you ask me to apologize 100 times I will. But I won’t take my words back. Mahan slaps him. He says enough. Stay quite now. You have to respect these elders. Go and apologize Gurwaksh.
Ranjit says to Gurwaksh I am sorry. Gurwaksh says its okay. Ranjit apologizes Mahan too. He says I apologize everyone here.
Sahib says this is just the beginning. We have to dig this wound deeper.

Ranjit is walking outside. Mehtab comes after him. Ranjit recalls everything. He sees his horse and says raftaar every word that I say should be concered with its mission not meaning.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranjit says Britishers are sending weapon here. Veer says they are preparing for a big destruction. A child picks a toy and suddenly there is a blast.

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