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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sada looks at Ranjit and says what happened to him? She comes to him. He says this mehtab she doesn’t leave me.
Mehtab comes and says you looked worried. He says no I am fine. She gives him something. Its sword. She says its a small gift and thank you for saving my life. Ranjit says what I did was my responsibility. I should go. Mehtab says first tell me what happened? Ranjit tells her everything. He says did I do wrong? She says i am even proud of you. Ranjit says I have hurt uncle still you are calling me right? SHe says yes because you are not mad at them. You were right. Everyone makes mistake. your a good person when you realize yours.

Mahan says to Gurwaksh they are always there for each other. Mahan says I wanted to talk to you about something. I feel like we should investigate about that ammunition. Maybe Britishers are planning something wrong. SAhib says i feel the same. They can send weapons anywhere. We should investigate from all the sardars. Mahan says no we have to be careful. We can’t make noise.

Scene 2
Mehtab comes back home. Ghulab says I think you didn’t hear what happened here. Let me tell you. Mehtab says ranhit is a fighter and he faces everything. He told me everything. He says I know something too. You went there to find Ranjit right? Mehtab says I went to Guddo’s wedding. Stop wasting my time. She turns back. Sada is there.

Mahan tells Raj what happened. She says did ranjit say something wrong? He says no ranjit was right. But I did that anyway. Raj says did you talk to him? Mahan says what can I say when I know he is right. I dont’ know what to do. he is fainting. Raj gets scared. She says someone bring vaidhji.


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Sadaa says you lied to us? You went to find that ranjit. After today wherever you go you need my permission. She locks her in her room. Mehtab says I am sorry. Sada says there is no sorry. She locks the door. Mehtab says please open the door. Gurwaksh comes and says I know everything. Kids make mistake but we can’t treat them this way. Parents forgive their kids. He opens the door. Mehtab is crying. Gurwaksh hugs her. He says don’t cry my daughter. your tears are precious.
Mehabt says I made a mistake. I won’t lie again ever. He says very good. Accepting mistakes is a great a deed. you have that courage. All my happiness is yours. SHe says you are my world.

Vaidhji checks Mahan but he doesn’t open his eyes. Everyone prays for him.

Scene 3
Adam says these weapon should reach their destination.
Mahan tries to walk. Ranjit holds him. Ranjit says I will always be there for you. Mahan says I am sorry I was wrong. Ranjit says you can never be wrong. You are my dad. Mahan says see raj. Your son is so mature. He makes me proud every day. She says he is your shadow.

Adam says to Ghulam how will you pay for our loss? Ghulam says Abdullah will. Adam says you always fail. Ranjit saw our stamps on the weapon. I doubt you. Ranjit proved you are not a man. Ghulam says how dare you. Adam says save your enegy. Might need to prove yourself a man. But hear one thing, if you can’t do it this time I will let sikhs kill you.

Mahan thanks Veer. He says please become leader of my army. Veer says my place is in jungle. Mahan says who kidnapped those women? Veer says Ghulam. Ranjit says Britishers are sending their weapon here. Ghulam plans something in a village. He leaves it outside.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahan says ranjit should learn battle too.
A child picks the weapon Ghulam’s men left. Gurwaksh and Ranjit are surrounded by thier soldiers.

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