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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Veer says Abdullah is just a pawn. someone else is behind it. Mahan says who? Ranjit says Ghulam. Veer says well said. He is preparing for something big. Ranjit says we need to be super careful with him. We need to take strict actions.
Mahan says I will talk to everyone with proofs now. I will talk to Gurwaksh. That sahib can never part our friendship. It is very strong. No one can break it.

Gurwaksh and sahib are having a sword competition. Sahib says I am glad Mahan slapped Ranjit. How dare he point finger at you or jai? Ranjit and Mahan shouldn’t forget that they are alive because your dad gave them shelter. What was their worth? They are dust of your feet.
Gurwaksh says I understand the attack you do with words. Your brain is sharp but not enough to tear our friendship. Not a single word against Ranjit or my brother mahan. He leaves. Sahib says I will break your friendship.

Scene 2
Ghulam’s men have placed a bomb in the market. It is hidden in a toy. A child picks that toy and there is blast. Everything burns down.
The people come to Jai. The woman says this is my son’s dead body. He died in that blast. You are a father. You can understand my pain. I want justice. If it happened with your son then? What would you do. Gurwaksh says he is just not yours. We have lost a family member. Everyone in this state is our family. We will aid every family that is injured. A woman says we dont’ want money. We want security and protection. We want justice. Can you bring her child back?
Gurwaksh says its about time we find them and kill them, Mahan says we will ruin their lives. Mahan says we won’t let this happen again. we have to fire back. Tomorrow morning will be their last.


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Next morning, Mahan faints a little too. Raj says you are not well. You shouldn’t be part of this. Mahan says their defeat is medicine. Just pray for me. She says not this time please. He says I have to fight for my people. Raj says I understand but you are not well. Let vaidh ji check you please. He says okay.
Vaidh checks mahan. Raj says what is wrong? He says the fever has attacked his brain. he needs rest. Mahan says my people need me. I can’t rest here. Give me meds and I have to go right now. Gurwaksh comes and says no. I heard everything. You need rest. Mahan says we are strong together. Gurwaksh says strong when you are okay. SO we can collaborate and kill them. Mahan says but we decided we two will go without army. Ranjit comes and says I will go with him. Gurwaksh says no we can’t risk your life. Mahan says Ranjit will go. He should now learn battles too. Ranjit will represent us. Gurwaksh says okay then lets show him battlefield. Mahan and Raj wish them good luck.

Raj says I am so proud of him but I am also worried. Mahan says I understand and I have taken this decision for his better. He is wise enough to take decisions like this. I know he will prove himself.
Ranjit and Gurwaksh are on their way. They see stamp on a seller’s bag. They follow him silently.
Their army surrounds ranjit and gurwaksh from all sides. Ranjit says they trapped us. Abdullah says welcome. I thought I would meet mahan but okay. Ranjit says all your dreams will shatter like before. Abdulah says I will kill you both.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranjit and Gurwaksh fight. Mehtab says I am really worried. Abdullah grasps gurwaksh and says ranjit throw your sword away.

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