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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ranjit and Gurwaksh are surround by Abdullah and his men. He says I will seek my revenge. They come forward. Ranjit and Gurwaksh beat all this men. One of them injured Gurwaksh. Abdullah puts his sword on Gurwaksh’s neck. He says throw your sword or we will kill him. Gurwaksh says don’t think about me. Don’t throw the sword.
Mehtab says I am really worried. I feel like dad is in trouble. Ranjit is with him. I hope he takes care of him. Gurwaksh says no Ranjit. Ranjit leaves his sword. Abdullah laughs. Their men surround them both.
Ghulam is on his way. He says I will prove I am a real man. Abdullah says our leader will meet you ranjit. Today is my day. Ranjit says I gave you once chance but I won’t today. Abdullah says I will kill your uncle and then kill you.
Gurwaksh says you are a fox. Abdullah says you should beg me for your life.
Gurwaksh says take care of Mehtab Ranjit. Abdullah is about to kill Gurwaksh. Someone stabs Abdullah. Its Ghulam. Ranjit and Gurwaksh are dazed. Ghulam gives him his sword back. He kills the men with Ranjit and Gurwaksh.

Ranjit says we won’t go empty handed. He runs after that man who was taking all the weapons. Ranjit stabs his foot. He says tell us where is there stuff? You were a double agent. Tell us all the truth before I kill you. He says I didn’t do anything. That.. Someone stabs him. Its Ghulam. Ranjit is dazed. Ranjit says why did you do that? Ranjit asks what man whom were you working for? He dies. Ghulam says he had a dagger in his other hand. Ranjit sees the dagger. Ranjit says you killed him he you didn’t want him to expose you. Ghulam says you always think ill of me. The problem is with your perspective not me.
Gurwaksh says what happened? Ghulam says he was about to kill ranjit so I killed him. Ranjit says Abdullah was part of your army.
Ghualm says Abdullah created this group of rebels and attacked you. He did that blast in Kanaiya. Abdullah was my uncle. But I killed him because he did wrong.
Ranjit says he is lying. Gurwaksh says no Ranjit. He saved our lives. Ghulam says your hand is bleeding their swords had poison. Let me take you. Ranjit says I am here for him.
Gurwaksh falls. Ranjit tries to pick him up.

Scene 2
Mehtav sees all her fishes in the pool are dead. She calls Sada and says they all died how? And dad isn’t back yet. Sada says don’t worry. He will come back. we will get the water changed. Everything will be fine. She hugs her.
Ranjit brings Gurwaksj to the camp. He gives him water. Gurwaksh is half fainted.
All the men surround ranjit. They are Ghulam’s men. Ranjit stops their swords.
Ghualm comes and says stop. They are our guests. Put down your swords and welcome them.

They stay in that camp. GHulam asks Gurwaksh how are you now? He says better. You saved my life. Thank you. Tell me what you want? I will get you that I promise. Ghulam syas you can’t give me what I want. Gurwaksh says I will. We fulfill our promises. Ghulam says Rasulnagar.. Ranjit is dazed. Gurwaksh says what? He says the same rasulnagar that is known as ram nagar now. The same where I lost my dad. Mahan killed him. My dad’s people did torture on the people there. I want to go there and serve them. So I can repent and make up for my mistakes. Ranjit says in heart this is his game. Ranjit says we can’t give him that. The people there have seen how he is. We can never trust him.
Gurwaksh says he saved our lives. This is enough to trust him. He says you asked for Rasul nagar. this is a political decision.
He says I can understand your problem. I release you from your promise. Gurwaksh says give me some time.


Maharaja Ranjit Singh 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raj is making a duppata. Mahan says from whom are you making it? She says for Mehtab. Gurwaksh says to sada mehtab and ranjit like each other. I will talk to mahan about it. Sadda drops her arti.

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