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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
At night, Ranjit sneaks in Mehtab’s room. She says you here. if someone sees you there would be trouble. He says I had no other option. Things are getting out of hands. Mehtab says they don’t want to see each other’s face. Ranjit says I hope uncle didn’t decide to wrongly get Ghulam in rasul nagar. Mehtab says my dad can never be wrong. You can’t blame him I won’t hear a word against them. My mom at least went to talk but your mom insulted her. My dad still stayed quite. He is my pride. Ranjit says no mom.. Mehtab says you can defend your family and I can’t? Ranjut say if we fight how will we unite them? We can’t meet here. We have to think another trick next time. We have to do something. Mehtab says how? He says I am thinking about it. But we will have to meet outside the states.
Ranjit is leaving. He hides from Gurwaksh’s men. A man sees him. Ranjit tries to run. He goes towards the kitchen. Ranjit hides above a pillar.

Gurwaksh’s men capture Ranjit. Gurwaksh comes and sees its Ranjit.

Scene 2
Diwan comes and gives a letter to Mahan. He reads Mahan your son has be captured in Kanaiya palace as we was trespassing our palace. Mahan gets angry and says enough. he takes his sword and comes to Gurwaksh’s palace.
Mahan says how dare you harm my son. Gurwaksh says today this problem will solve forever. Jai says please calm down. Sada says don’t go please. Gurwaksh goes downstairs. His men bring Ranjit as a prisoner. Mahan looks at him.
Mahan says I never thought you can stoop this low. you brought up this child and your hands didn’t shiver capturing him? Gurwaksh says no. My hands didn’t. Today even if I have to cut your throat my hands won’t shiver. I was a good friend now you will see my animosity. Ranjit says please uncle end all this. I didn’t come with any wrong intentions. Gurwaksh says for what did your dad send you here? Ranjit says in heart if I say truth Mehtab would be in trouble.

Gurwaksh says when I count my favors on you it hurts you right? Today there is another favor on you. Go take your son. I forgave his life. Otherwise I would killed anyone. He shoves Ranjit. Ranjit’s head hit the wall. Mahan takes out his sword. Ranjit says no dad. Mahan says if you were not son of Jai I would killed you.
Gurwaksh says come forward if you have courage come forward. MAhan and Gurwaksh start a sword fight. Mahan beats Gurwaksh. He falls down. Mahan says I am here standing in front of you. Face me. Sada comes and says please I beg you leave him. Gurwaksh says go aside Sada. Gurwaksh stands and says attack me. Sada says please no. Gurwaksh says please no dad. Mahan keeps his sword inside and says lets go son. They leave.

Gurwaksh says you won’t be able to stop what happens now.

Scene 2
Sada is crying. Mehtab says calm down. Mehtab says i want to talk about something. Sada says not now. Mehtab says its important. Ranjit didn’t come to spy. Sada says stop taking his side. Mehtab says he came to meet me.
Ranjit tells Mahan he went to meet Mehtab. He says this wont have happened if I didn’t go there. Mahan says you did wrong but what gurwaksh did was disgusting. He called you spy. He detained you.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

sada reads a letter and says I will teach him a lesson that everyone will pay for it. Sahib says to sada I have a plan. That will shock whole Punjab.